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Why photoshop or fake?

What is with this photoshop and fake desire? I have been trying to understand the reasoning. Would someone please educate me on this? I have seen some of the work and it looks like something a first grader would do in class, if they were allow to literally cut and paste porn.
It's just basically putting your imagination into the form of a jpeg, which makes it a bit more realistic.

As far as the quality, well not everyone is great at Photoshop ( myself included ).

A little imagination in the form of a jpeg, even elementary, is better than nothing.
Because all these people have desires which have yet to be fulfilled, they have sexual fantasies, whether for themselves or someone they know/are married to

Some people might not want to actually commit to fulfilling these desires, and I believe photoshopping them can please maybe some, or give a "preview" of this fantasy
I still suggest expanding ones horizons. There is so much more one can achieve. Vector has a cleaner and more finished appearance with the finished product, no matter the size
What if you don't have any time in your day except for just 20 mins of Photoshopping without any time to learn vector arts/Illustrator, and what if the person you're assisting just wants that, and fast?
If a person is interested in learning and furthering themselves they will figure it out. Anything less is laziness and excuses. There is time if someone wants to learn and have a real interest. But that is just my opinion. We find time to do other things of interest, there should always be time for learning
Sure, but what if you devote your learning time to something else, what if you have career aspirations and things related to your major profession which you're learning for that time of the day while you use your current skillset for this hobby?

Not everybody is going to become a pro vector art designer

And, are you suggesting creating vector art from scratch?
You and your what if's! If you want it you will go after it, achieve it and most of all you will overcome any and all reasons of what if and why should I.

Back to my question why do so many people want to be superimposed in/ on a picture that is a lie? Especially, when there is do much discuss for fake here?
You and your what if's! If you want it you will go after it, achieve it and most of all you will overcome any and all reasons of what if and why should I.
There isn't enough time in one's life to put 100% into every aspect of life/skillset. Many people are content with just being able to lightly use Photoshop. Almost all of these people have no desire to go overboard crazy and be a professional vector designer.
what if you don't have a job and have kids your trying to raise and this is a way you can do that at this time in your life and your good at it and being a female I don't bbc slut mwf.jpg deb1.jpg bbc slut mwf1.jpg have to use skills that lays me on my back enough said
Ok let me clarify for those do not understand the question. Why would an individual want to be photoshopped or faked? The individual! I could careless why individuals would perform the act of photoshopping or faking. So, to all the pros, novice and amatures best wishes. And stop getting your panties in a wad. Just take them off and you will feel better I promise. And the previous statement is for those will not read and completely understand my post
I think some ladies are curious how a black man would look ON them.
Maybe looking at a caption of your fair skin & a black man is like trying on a dress to see how it looks on you.

Hope I'm not being too general.
The important thing is they are curious, I can't discourage that!