who is using whom?


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I've read some post of people talking about some afro american men, used by caucasian couples just for sex, not taking in count their real feelings under their amazing black cocks.
Probably there are a lot of those cases, but what about when caucasian couples and black lovers are working together just for pleasure, even using each others?

When my wife and me decided calling her ex black boyfriend, after they had broken up their relationship more than 10 years before that date, he knew it was just for sex and take good moments togethers, not more.
Despite they had been in love during their relationship, living together didn't work and my wife told me that only the sex was good.
Our black friend Axel was not having a relationship when we called him and he had not been having sex during several months. So when my wife and he finally fucked, it was an incredible pleasure for him.
We never considerate that we were using him just for sex because we really appreciated him.
If he considerate that he was using my wife like a good way to relieve his great black cock, not problem. Better for him! . Why? Because he was able to bring Susie amazing orgasms, even better than I could give her, despite she never said it.
And what about you?


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If it's that big of a concern, send them a frik'n Christmas card with some MacDonalds or Arbey's coupons or something.
I certainly an NOT going to thank someone for fucking my wife. In fact, I ought to be charging them for the opportunity.