white women: what turns u on?

For me and my hubby it's the race and color contrast, the taboo of being a white married woman and having black lovers, the way black men take care of married pussy and how much they enjoy it. My hubby gets off sharing me and accepts they give me something he can't
Very well said open couple411......I would add to this the size factor. Feeling something so big stretching me out, making me scream, making my eyes roll back. When I'm riding my Black Lover, looking down at him sucking on my big tits, feeling his big cock hitting the top of my pussy looking for more room in there................I SQUIRT ALL OVER HIM.


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It turns me on to be on my black lovers arm and in his bed,while I have a white husband at home jackin his little white dick as a big strong dominant,superior black man is making love to his wife of 20 years!It turns me on when Im making out with my boyfriend on my couch or out in public and he whispers in my ear,I love you baby!!!!!It turns me on when he tells me how much he loves me in front of my husband and I say passionately,I love you too honey and then he takes me by my hand and leads me to the bedroom like my husband is not even there!It turns me on to know that I am a black mans whore!