White wife pregnant by black lover?

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Should white wife have a baby with her black lover?

  1. Yes, just do it.

  2. No it's irresponsible and selfish.

  3. It's no problem nowadays.

  4. People are going to laugh at you

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  1. Hansjensen

    Hansjensen Well-Known Member Gold Member

    I would like your help with a dilemma.
    I am married to the most wonderful blonde white woman. For 18 months she has had a black lover with my approval and encouragement. He visits us at least once a week. It has certainly enhanced both our sexual life and our life in general. My wife blossoms because she is adored by two men. And she is very happy that she gets a lot of sexual satisfaction. This has caused her to be a smiling and happy woman which is very important to me.
    Both my wife and her lover want to have bareback sex so that's how it is when they are together.
    He almost always ejaculates inside my wife which is a huge turn on for all of us. He declares that he is going to impregnate her when he orgasms. This is also very exciting to all of us even if she is on the pill.
    A month or two ago my wife indicated for the first time that she would indeed love to have a biracial baby as she finds them beautiful and irresistible.
    She also says this would be the crown on our cuckold relationship. Her lover has often ejaculated on our wedding rings as a strong symbolic gesture.
    My wife now wants to take the final step in our cuckold relationship, that is by having a black baby.
    I don't know what to think. On the one hand it is obviously something that she desires very much. And I want to do almost anything for my wife.
    The thought of her belly growing with a black baby is an incredible turn on for me. But it would also be very embarrassing and humiliating when the baby is born and everyone can se that I am a cuckold and that my wife needs a black cock to get real satisfaction. As all cuckolds I am however also turned on by humiliation - very much indeed.
    My wife wants me to ask her to stop taking the pill.
    What are your thoughts on the subject?
  2. Good Medcine

    Good Medcine New Member

    Why this is Very Self Destructive

    I want to start by saying that most things are not black and white or all good or all bad and when it comes to cuckold this applies. There is an argument that cuckold strengthens relationships but I have a thesis that cuckold is self destructive and full of lies or maybe I should be more exact and say cuckold can be self destructive. One could say on the good side cuckold is honest unlike so many couples that run around behind each others back and cheat which often leads to conflict and divorce.

    I know someone who found out when his two daughters were around five or six that they were not his biological children which lead to a divorce but I must say I admire him because he kept taking care of them as he said he feels like they are his anyway. Who knows how much this happens but it is clearly a stab in the heart as there is breach of special trust between a man and a woman. I will not be discussing this type of cuckold but the fetish where men watch their wives have sex with other men and to be more specific interracial cuckold which seems to be the most popular and growing type to be found on the Web.

    I saw one site where they discuss interracial cuckold and they listed some reason Black men were superior. They said that Black men were better athletes and better entertainers. This is common for them who promote cuckold to make broad sweeping generalities and it is so easy to prove all their statements to be false because there are tens of thousands of exceptions. One can find tons of great white athletes and tons of great white entertainers; this is why I say they are liars and I will expose some more of their lies that they use to promote the “lifestyle.”

    If you read any of the forums on the topic you will find that there is a big focus on the pleasures of cuckolding and really no position taking issue with it and if there is it is the kind of opposition that makes one cringe when they read it. Not to be braggadocios but I would like to give an intelligent critique of what is known as the cuckold lifestyle as it seems to not be just an event.

    First and foremost, the very act of cuckold is a way of saying the husband/boyfriend is not good enough to satisfy his wife and someone else needs to be brought in to do the job which is an attack on one of the pillars of our psychology - our self image. This is just the start of the assault on the self image as the cuckold husband is routinely criticized and demeaned by his wife and her bull.

    I love the Christian ethic which is that we should build up one another and when juxtaposed that ethic with what happens during cuckold they are polar opposites and can not be reconciled. I think the humiliations in cuckold has a very strange twist to it as it plays a part in the pleasure of the cuckold. I firmly believe that all the humiliations can and in many cases does have a negative effect on the cuckold and it is hard to tell if there is acting, role play or serious attacks upon the man. Never the less it is contrary to a higher ethic - that we should build up one another.

    One of the common things said is that the cuckold is “not a real man” and then a direct attack upon his manhood - the size of his penis. I do not know who made the woman in these situations be the final determination of what a real man is or is not. It is very simple to figure out who the real man is in their opinion - the man with the large, thick cock.

    I did want to take a minute and address this issue of penis size as a lot of men have issues with it. Your penis or it’s sized does not determine if you are a man or not and no woman has the right to use one factor to determine if you are a man or not and I will get into what I define as a real man later.

    Saying big is better than small is really a value judgment and is similar to saying that red is better than yellow. If we get rid of the word is we are left with red and yellow where one is not better than the other - each simply is. I like what the Zen has to say “In the spring time some flowers grow short, some long.” If you think about that a long time then you will know that all of this emphasis on penis size is a value judgment that is turned into way to tear down the cuckold. I think one can always point to something to tear another person down. Since the cuckold allows the humiliation he is self imposing the attack upon his self image and this is one reason I say cuckold is self destructive and strangely gets pleasure out of it.

    One way to tear down the cuckold is to call them weak, sissy and the like.They are in a position of weakness and once again I think it is part of the fetish. It is as if a lot of these qualities are roles they play but I noticed that many comment that all White men are weak and sissy but I have to think of the Roman army, Vikings, the Goths and Vandals and the Navy Seals. One certainly does not describe the Hell’s Angels as sissy. Once again, making broad sweeping statements that simply are not true. The men in this fetish are playing the part of being weak and effeminate and making the bull seem more masculine than they may really be.

    The sperm war theory that when a man’s wife is away from him for a while or when a man is jealous of his wife makes him more virulent is a very good theory but what really seems to happening is that the goal is to allow the bulls to impregnate the wife.

    Case in point are the extremes and to my shock there are a small group that say, and I do not know if I believe them, that they take female hormones to be more effeminate and submissive. Wow! That could be dangerous to their bodies and some even saying they have their balls cut off and as they say to “eliminate themselves from the gene pool.” That is extreme and if true which it may be is very self destructive.

    There are these “breeding parties” where women will have sex with strangers while ovulating and this has a self destructive aspect to it as the husband is saying he is willing to let another man impregnation his wife while in effect eliminating himself from the gene pool. Again, self destructive. Lots of self destructive comments that go along with this as saying the bull should never wear a condom but the husband should always wear one or that the husband should throw bleach on their sperm.

    In the ancient world adultery was a very serious crime because a woman who got pregnant by another man was in effect destroying his linage and cuckold is doing just that or suggesting to do that. Does linage matter? I think so.

    I just can not imagine going down the street and taking care of another man’s children but in effect this is what they are doing. For the bulls and the wife it is just lust. They want to fuck the wife and you keep her. It makes me wonder if one could not be more creative with sex and why do they have to simply take refuge in this fetish that has many self destructive aspects to it.

    Even if there is this role play and compartmentalization of this fetish I believe that negative and demeaning comments over a period of time takes a toll on the sub unconscious mind. This is what leads to them to the ideal of “eliminating themselves from the gene pool” which can only be described as self destructive.

    I have also noticed many out right vitriolic racist comments directed towards white males with such comments like “ Eliminate the White Race” or “destroy the White man”, Nature does not care about your heritage” and others like it. I do not take words like that lightly and we know from history where such thinking and talk has always lead. Since the Cuckold accepts and even encourages these statements makes it self destructive

    I have heard another theme in interracial cuckold that there is this white guilt of slavery and this is one of the reasons the couple is doing it -to make amends for slavery. Not to get too political here but some of these themes take on some of the ultra liberal ideals of white guilt, white privilege and seem to be themes within cuckold. It is as if there is this self loathing, poking one’s self in the eye for being white and all the crimes of white culture. Slavery has been an institution ( I think is the worst one ever) that has existed thousands of years before Christ and even to this day through out the world so three hundred years of European slavery is a blink of an eye from a historical perspective and I am not trying to down play it but I think maybe White culture could take a bit of pride in the fact that they were the first culture in the whole history of the world to abolish slavery instead of all this White guilt which I think is a destructive thing in our culture. How many white men died to end slavery? Yet one leaves college and thinks White culture is colonialism, slavery and the Holocaust.

    This excessive submissive attitude which is making themselves like slaves I find disturbing. Using a towel to wipe the sweat off the bull and just doing anything for them while allowing the bull to be a dictator making all kinds of demands and strange rules. I find dictators to be bullies and this is in effect is what the bulls are. The cuckold are men have no balls and do not stick up for themselves which is a loss of self respect to me and I get it that they like it but this is pathological masochism.

    I have also noticed this phrase “black owned” or “black dick only” on some women panties. This almost smacks of racism like the “Whites Only” signs in the South and really is another way of making the white man or white men feel inferior. It is consistent with the chop them down theory and make them feel bad for simply being what they are. It is again an attack on the self image and meant to be destructive and the men in the life style are accepting it. If a man were to say to his wife or girl friend something similar like you have small tits, fat ass, chubby ugly legs or the like it would be clear that they are being mean and nasty. All of this is negative and destructive and is not a good healthy relationship.

    The phrase “black owned” is to me a term of self loathing and white guilt to an extreme. It is as if they are saying they want to reverse historic roles and pay for slavery now by being owned and a slave. That can not be productive and positive. I have always said the natural state of man is to be free. Why choose slavery unless you are pathological.

    The women will allow the bulls to call them cunts, their bitch, a slut, my whore and the like and being submissive to an excessive degree. It is a loss of dignity and all for the chance to have a great organism. I think a woman should never allow a man to disrespect her and a real man respects women while a thug will dishonor her by calling her a slut or bitch. Dignity is a special quality that makes a person strong with character and to just throw it away is self destructive even for the sake of a sexual fetish. Dignity is forever and the loss of it is forever so those online just throwing it away have forever lost that dignity.

    When the women say that their man can not give them an orgasms with their dick and that is why they need another bigger dick there is an important fact missing here which is that orgasms do not come from outside of us but start in our minds. Someone who has a foot fetish does not get off from the foot or shoe but from the ideal that is in his or her mind that the foot is erotic. The foot, the black man, the big dick, the big tits, the Asian chick, the heavy thighs or whatever it is, is not what does the trick, it is the ideal in the mind and how it gets there or even why it is there. So to be critical of someone for not having what your ideal is in your mind is not a valid criticism of them. Those ideals are subject to change and are subjective. If you are in love with someone then big dick, small tits or what have you is not what is the most important thing. How you feel about them.

    This theme of submission and dominance is a theme found in many sexual fetishes and I am not saying it is all bad because I think it may offer someone some kind of balance as when a judge who has great power gets off work and is then a slave to a dominatrix; were as the dominatrix has no power outside of work.

    Speaking of real men I say a real man takes care of his children and the bulls in some cases are neglecting this responsibility and passing the buck to the cuckold who is putting himself in a weak situation and being self destructive. The very fact that some cuckolds want to keep this lifestyle a secret puts them in a situation where they could be blackmailed or intimidated. Once again, self destructive. A self inflicted kind of shame and pain.

    A real man will not allow himself to be degraded or his wife to be called a bitch but these men love doing all of this. No wonder they are seen as sissy. A real man stands up for himself and in particular his wife.

    The ideal of marriage is to raise your children and not invite someone else into it and have your children. Our children are the most important thing in our lives and not to have them because you want to watch your wife fuck another man and let him have them is self destructive. You have no linage and can you be proud of that. I think it is normal to be protective and jealous of the person you are fucking and cuckold sexualizes these feelings and I think that there is always the possibility that things could go wrong with strong human emotions at play.

    A lot of this self destructive behavior with cuckold reminds me of the abused women where they feel they deserve to hurt and mistreated, are verbally abused, feel helpless, are dominated, seen as a sex object, and humiliate you. Remember the axiom, those things equal to each other are the same thing.

    Weather it is a threesome, wife swamping, cuckold, orgies, swinging there is always the chance no matter how small that one can get a sexual disease so one has to take this into account. I wonder what one is getting out of cuckold. There is the intense pleasure for the participants but what does the cuckold get in return? I say that there is not a very good return on investment as there is this theme of self destruction running through out this fetish. There has to be a sense of shame having another man fuck your wife because you can not do it well enough and a sense of shame having another man get your wife pregnant. That is self destructive. They call such men schmucks and they earned it with this behavior.

    When it comes to fetishes there is all kinds of strange behavior and I think a lot of it tied into deeper personal and social issues. You have the card carrying KKK members going to a interracial gang bang, the conservative politician engaged in gay sex, the cross dressing macho foot ball player, the judge being a slave off hours, the man who collects women’s shoes for sexual pleasure and the list goes on forever but it is all tied into other deeper issues and it is hard to sort out and understand but I think we have to attempt to understand many of these issues because sex is something we are all engaged in - it is how we all got here in the first place.

    I have a euphemism for sexual fetishes or what I call ‘having sex standing on your head.’ I get it that there are all kinds of sexual fetishes out here and people have many kinks and what I think must be done is that we must look at weather having sex standing on our heads is something healthy or self destructive. One quality we as human beings have is this tendency to over do things. We eat too much, drink too much, watch too much TV and what I find fascinating about many sexual fetish is this tendency to make the fetish a central part of their lives. Sex is important for all of us but is does not have to take over or be center stage.

    Having heard many of the comments from those engaged in cuckold it seems they have taken it too far. There are some people that can compartmentalize it and have a professional life and on their free time engage in the “lifestyle” and others who are obsessed by it and the later being problematic. The same goes for any fetish.

    I had a co-worker that was over sex and always talking about sex and he would frequent prostitutes which got him arrested which lead to a costly and bitter divorce and even lost his job. When any sexual issues become problems I think one needs to step back and have a very serious revaluation of their life, their values and beliefs as well as some soul searching. In the case of cuckolding those few that castrate themselves have serious issues if you ask me. That is going way too far!

    I also think a lot of the stated beliefs within and not just cuckolding are simply to broad and false as truth is important. We should not allow ourselves to simply accepted stated beliefs without serious questions. All white people are not wimps and beta and it is absurd to accept absolute statements.

    As men we need to talk good to ourselves, build up those around us with positive statements, like ourselves for who and what we are and like our spouse for who and what they are and not degrading ourselves by falsely putting another man above us. After all, they are men like we are, created in the same image we were. As I said before, in the spring time some flowers grow short others long.

    I consider my self a very spiritual person and I would like to leave you with a prayer that I like very much because this prayer is asking us to look with in and with out and it does not specially address sexual issues but I think sexual issues need to be vetted, talked about, thought about because many people struggle with such complex sexual issues. It is not easy to sort out and many times people do not know why they are into any particular fetish or the possible long term consequences of that fetish which is something missing.

    I think a lot of people may have some religious back ground and are engaged in many sexual behaviors that are not consistent with what they hold as their values and are asking themselves what does God think of what I am doing. We see this in politics as many conservatives are caught in sex scandals and many liberals caught in financial scandals and this prayer is asking us to search our souls with in and to also step outside ourselves to be selfless. Many times we find ourselves at a cross roads and have to ask, do we take the high road or the low road.

    I am not here to condemn anyone for their particular sexual fetish but to question weather or not it is something productive or counterproductive to their lives. One day I went to a city council meeting where hundreds of people gathered to call for the head of a member on the city council for being arrested for solicitation of a prostitute.

    After many loud and angry comments I came forward and said that as a Christian I believe in the concept of redemption and that we all deserve a second chance. That we all need to take a good look at our actions and how they affect those around us and in particular those we love the most as none of us are perfect. We need to realize what we did wrong, recognize how far away we are from what we should be and want to be, to make a commitment to do better and change for the better, asking those we hurt to give us a second chance and recognize how it hurt them. After that - all was quiet.

    Normally one introduces themselves from the start but I wanted to wait till the end. I like to call my self an angle of light, the mourning star or better known as


    Lord, make me an instrument of your peace, Where there is hatred, let me sow love;where there is injury, pardon;where there is doubt, faith;where there is despair, hope;where there is darkness, light;where there is sadness, joy;

    O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love.

    For it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

    St. Francis of Assisi
  3. Hansjensen

    Hansjensen Well-Known Member Gold Member

    Thanks for your well written posting. I do however not agree.
    You write: "First and foremost, the very act of cuckold is a way of saying the husband/boyfriend is not good enough to satisfy his wife and someone else needs to be brought in to do the job which is an attack on one of the pillars of our psychology - our self image. This is just the start of the assault on the self image as the cuckold husband is routinely criticized and demeaned by his wife and her bull."
    It's just a fact that I am not able to satisfy my wife in the way that her much more well endowed black lover is. She has a LOT more orgasms with him than with me. She orgasms many times each time he visits us. She loves it and so do I. I find it would not be fair denying the person that I love the opportunity of getting deeply fulfilling sex.
    It is by no means an attack on my self-esteem. On the contrary, my life has never felt better than now.
    Our marriage has never been better.
    Being cuckolded is satisfying in a way you could never imagine. In my opinion it's not at all self destructive. It's just a very fulfilling lifestyle. And if a cuckold couple gets a biracial baby this just adds something more to their unique and very loving relationship.
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  4. jdflacpl

    jdflacpl Well-Known Member Real Person Gold Member

    I think that the fact you asked the question here shows that you have some doubt about how this will affect your marriage (and you somewhat state that) While its a wonderfull fantasy I'm sure the reality is quite different. Ask your self these questions
    1-Are you willing to raise and love this baby as your own
    2- how are you going to explain to other family members (this would be the most awkward for my wife)
    3- A baby deepens the relationship between lovers are you willing to let the wife leave if she wants
    4-At some point the baby is going to want to know the truth and that can be difficult

    My #2 son has 2 daughters the 3 of them live with us, The oldest one 11 is not his biological daughter she has a different last name she has figured it out but has never been told the truth (my son wants the mother to do this) he takes care of her every need and she loves him and calls him dad. But in my eyes she needs to know and soon.
    Also way back when my wife and I started swinging we had a couple of mfm with a friend wifes turns up pregnant we were pretty sure it was mine but there was a bit of doubt at one point. When the baby was born and was 6 or 7 months old I noticed the friend really looking at all of the baby features thinking it may be his ( we told him we didn't think it was) but he was not convinced until the baby got older and I think to this day he still may have the little bit of doubt in his mind.
    Good luck with what every you decide
  5. bigblackbull76

    bigblackbull76 My BBC would bodyslam KingKong off top the Empire Staff Member Real Person Gold Member

    @Good Medcine - wow and I thought I wrote long posts. That one takes the cake. I respect what you wrote but it is your opinion and from your point of view and looking at things with only your eyes and set of shades on which filters out the brilliant other colors of the electromagnetic spectrum and viewpoints in life.

    The cuckolding lifestyle does have many issues as you have laid out in your long treatise yet it is not all 'self-destructive' as you have written. You cite certain examples of people you have known who had problems in their life from destructive sexual issues (prostitution, children out of wed-lock) yet those are issues common across humanity and don't have an ending nor beginning with the cuck-old lifestyle.

    I do consider my self a Bull, and I do it for fun, sport, and a burning fire which you may call a 'lust' that fuels me from my loins. For all of the people who may live a 'cuckold life' you've cited that are living self-destructive lives, I can cite and counter with countless couples I have met where the men are very powerful in their careers and lives such as the example you stated with the judge and it does lead to a counter-balance in their lives as they like to be made submissive behind closed doors.

    I've met Business owners, Executive Officers of corporations and state government departments through cuckold arrangements and they are able to compartment their lives just fine and not have the affairs that take place behind closed doors between themselves, their wives and me interfere with their regular life nor lead to some destructive end as an inevitable final predetermined destination in hell-fire.

    The cuckold arrangement and situation is something that is quite natural in the scheme of behavioral evolution which has been written at length by science and researchers that to borrow a quote from you ".. has existed thousands of years before Christ" since human beings became communal social animals. Cuckold relationships are still observed in all aspects of nature as with Lion prides, Elephants, monkey groups, penguins, and some other birds where another male may father a baby but the group still takes care to raise them together. Not with lions so much, but the other groups this is observed alot. (See my reference links at the bottom for more on this).

    I am also one stand-up respectable MAN who considers himself and plays the part of a role in an act you would call a Bull who is not a 'gang-banger', a 'thug' or any other derogatory code-word you want to subliminally use for labeling a black male. Also all of the liberal 'white guilt' association littered through-out your long treatise is also a pathological excuse and deflection for those people who don't want to recognize the vast injustice and inequalities of America's past, present, and future as to quote biblical scripture:

    (Exodus 34:6-7)-- "....The Lord, the Lord God, compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in loving, kindness and truth; who keeps loving, kindness for thousands, who forgives iniquity, transgression and sin; yet He will by no means leave the guilty unpunished, visiting the iniquity of fathers on the children and on the grandchildren to the third and fourth generations."

    I take no issue for you wanting to stand up as a white man and say not all white men are sissy's and effeminate but I do take issue with a few other statements you have made which are historically, and factually incorrect. You stated ".... so three hundred years of European slavery is a blink of an eye from a historical perspective and I am not trying to down play it but I think maybe White culture could take a bit of pride in the fact that they were the first culture in the whole history of the world to abolish slavery ...."

    The African slave-trade through-out orchestrated by Europe and in the Americas itself lasted way longer than just 300 hundred years and you should try doubling that. See ref. [1] below. Also yes I recognize and applaud the valiant efforts of all white people who fought, struggled, and sacrificed their lives to help eradicate and abolish slavery such as John Brown at Harpers Ferry and I would name one of my cuckold produced children after that great slavery revolting white man (just humoring with you about the cuckold children part). :blackgrimace:But whereas Great Britain and the US just passed laws to abolish it we all know it never ended and just mutated and evolved into Jim Crow, Share-cropping where blacks still worked on the farm and often never got paid for their tolls, and other 'separate but equal' type policies. Black people still along with whites helped to end the mutated remnants of slavery with the Civil Rights struggle and other Black power movements to organize and mobilize black people to collectively empower themselves.

    Also you go on to state "...Yet one leaves college and thinks White culture is colonialism, slavery and the Holocaust." I took and studied Western History at a prestigious predominantly white university here in the east-coast of America and that is not even close to what I came away as a point of view from college. Now I had some of the top grades in my History class and we can go back to my college transcripts and pull up the records as my College professor even asked me to purposely not score so high on my tests as when he marked them on a curve I ended up with 120%, 115% on my exams where the rest of the class (that happened to be mostly white) where only getting by with 70s.

    I say all of that to say this, I was a top student in all of my Western History classes who happened to be black and completed a BSBA so I am qualified to speak on what I learned about Western/American history from a predominantly white university. I walked away with the viewpoint the Greeks and Romans came up with philosophy, mathematics, science, and civilization without any assistance from any of the darker skin people who preceded them, surrounded them, and helped them. Then Europe flourished with the 'Renaissance' and America came about off the great ideals of the Enlightenment movement with John Locke and co.

    Slavery was only a bit of a moral struggle with half of the country for it, the other against it but yes Abraham Lincoln saw the light and moved to abolish it and then freed the slaves, the right of Manifest Destiny and America's Destiny was to move out from east to west coast to coast and take the land from many of the people who they say are illegally immigrating back into it now and the rest is history moving into the Industrial age. Not quite what you took away or state others take away from American/Western History.

    There are so many other things I could say about your post about you trying to take a moral high-ground and being self-righteous but I care not to waste my time writing for it would not make any difference nor would your post make everyone just stop what they are doing today or tomorrow either.

    I do like what you wrote in your post about people building one another up, helping each other, not being so mean-spirited and demeaning to others and I agree with you on those principles. I also agree with you about having a big cock doesn't make one a man outright.

    However in the Bull/Cuckold lifestyle some of the brash talk about the man having a small cock, or a mangina, not pleasing his wife, and made to do other things is an act, its entertainment, the same way Donald Trump and Howard Stern say some of the ridiculous things they say for shock value and entertainment. Do I feel that way necessarily about the man, no - however some of the micro-shrimp dicks I've seen on guys I can understand their inferiority complexes. In addition, on the flip side I've been places such as the gym showers and bar restrooms where white guys saw my cock and they where amazed and said I'm the man too.

    So again my point is lighten up - alot of this shit is for show, kicks and giggles and you are a little too uptight about it all. You do bring up some valid points in some areas but that is for the man, his wife, and their creator to figure out when it goes too far and to let their Bull know when the line has been crossed.


    For further reference and information on the scientific research behind the natural relationship dynamic in the cuckold lifestyle to enlighten your mind please see:

    [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slavery_in_Africa
    [2] https://www.blacktowhite.net/threads/the-science-of-cuckold-marriages.13464/
    [3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Red_Queen:_Sex_and_the_Evolution_of_Human_Nature

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  6. Hansjensen

    Hansjensen Well-Known Member Gold Member

    Hi Bigblack,
    Thanks for your very intelligent and inspiring posting. It's a pleasure to see that you have so profound knowledge.
    And thanks for the exciting picture you added. You are right, more and more white couples choose to have a black lover for the wife. White couples who have tried this know how deeply fulfilling it is.
  7. bigblackbull76

    bigblackbull76 My BBC would bodyslam KingKong off top the Empire Staff Member Real Person Gold Member

    Appreciate your response and I like what @jdflacpl wrote and that is some real-life, grown-man to man, personal perspective advice to draw from vice the moral high-ground I'm looking down on you from the outside view that others may offer although with bits of wisdom to heed too.

    I can't and won't tell you what to do, but something else to consider on this topic which I wrote at another post on 'Breeding and seeding' the responsible way you may want to check out:


    I wish you and your family all the best but do carefully consider what would be in the best interest for your wife who has to bear the labor and baby raising, yourself, and this life you will bring into the world.

  8. Hansjensen

    Hansjensen Well-Known Member Gold Member

    Hi jdflacpl,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with me. It's a great help.
    You raise important questions.
    1. Yes I would raise the baby as my own. No doubt about that.
    2. This question is much more serious - at least for me. We would have to tell our families that my wife has had an affair or a one night stand. It would be embarrassing and humiliating for me.
    My wife wants the baby so badly that she is not very concerned about that question.
    Her most important thing right now is to convince me that we should have a black baby. Other matters are secondary to her. At least now.
    3. I feel certain that my wife would not want to leave me. She says she can't live without me. And I believe her.
    Of course she is attracted to her black lover. He gives her good sex and a lot of it.
    She says she wants his genes for our baby. He is strong, intelligent, athletic and handsome.
    4. Is also a difficult question. We have thought about something like: "There was a time when mum and dad were not together. At that time your mother knew another man." It may not be perfect as an explanation but for now it will do.
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  9. Hansjensen

    Hansjensen Well-Known Member Gold Member

    Hi Bigblack,

    Thanks for yet another brilliant posting. I like the link to 'Breeding and seeding' very much. What you write is intelligent, ethical, inspiring and very useful.
  10. Hansjensen

    Hansjensen Well-Known Member Gold Member

    PS And thanks for the picture!
  11. Hansjensen

    Hansjensen Well-Known Member Gold Member

    I have received a lot of personal response to my thread which I appreciate very much and I hope to hear a lot more from you!!
    Only one posting has been negative. It talks about " Why Cuckold is Self Destructive".
    I do not see it as self destructive. Instead it's a very fulfilling and beautiful relationship between people who love each other.
    Calling it self destructive means that you don't understand the dynamics of cuckolding.
    A cuckold can easily se why the following pictures are hot arousing and inspiring.
  12. Hansjensen

    Hansjensen Well-Known Member Gold Member

    One more pic.
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  13. Hansjensen

    Hansjensen Well-Known Member Gold Member

  14. Hansjensen

    Hansjensen Well-Known Member Gold Member

  15. Hansjensen

    Hansjensen Well-Known Member Gold Member

    A fine piece of art.
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  16. built4BBC

    built4BBC Member

    If it happens it happens! Just be adults about it and be smart, other then that just make sure to be GREAT parents!
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  17. Hansjensen

    Hansjensen Well-Known Member Gold Member

    Thanks for your input! I think that we will be great parents
  18. WillandSusn

    WillandSusn Well-Known Member

    Interesting choice of name. Still a very thoughtful discussion. You describe Many opportunities for problems which is both good and healthy for couples to consider. Still many couples are looking for something different in their lives. With the new globalization , many old barriers are coming down and the mixing of the races is enevitable. Much of the negativity is unnecessary yet seems to continue anyway.
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  19. WillandSusn

    WillandSusn Well-Known Member

    I do like your posting here , especially the lighten up part but I would also add the our" history" is being rewritten evertday and much of it as it exists is just wrong. I am still waiting for the UFO to land on the white house lawn and tell all of us just what's going on. Smile. There is so much about the universe we still do not understand. About sex and cucholding , somewhere along the way "eve" discovered she liked sex and poor "adam" has paid the price ever since if he is not up to the task. In the past , we read about all the unfaithful husbands but most of the unfaithful wives were never caught. Today , we realize women have sexual needs as well as men. We see all the Cialis and Vigra adds on TV. Some couples are comfotable, perhaps even happy, with adding "friends" to their relationship. Cleary , this needs to be a well informed and discussed decision. Yes, there can be harm done but many couples report more satisfaction in their lives as well
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  20. Hansjensen

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    Thanks for another interesting posting. Some years ago it was possible for men to suppress female sexual lust. They feared it. With good reason because female sexuality can be very strong. Today women are much more free than they were many years ago. They can choose to get their sexual needs met and many choose to do so.
    Many women choose to have sex with black males because they now know that black men are different.

    Here's a survey from white women on why they prefer black men:

    1. big black dicks
    2. dark skin
    3. muscular strong bodies
    4. dominant and aggressive
    5. better in bed

    When a woman tries interracial sex and realizes how deeply satisfying sex with a well-endowed black male is she wants more. Black sexual superiority is a fact we have to submit to as white males. Whether we like it or not.
    I am lucky that my wife has chosen to let me be present during her interracial couplings. I can't describe how beautiful it is to watch my dear wife getting fucked in a way that I would never be able to do it.
    I am grateful to my wife that she lets me be part of it and I am grateful to her black lover that he gives us both such an extremely beautiful and satisfying experience.
    I wish white men were not so afraid of the black man's powerful sexuality. White men, do the best for yourself and your marriage: Invite the black man into your bedroom and ask him to satisfy your white wife.