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White Slut's Rules


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Here are TEN RULES ever would-be white slut is meant to follow.

NEVER turn down sex with a black bull/lover.

Nothing is more sensuous than a white woman lost in the arms of her black lover. Even when they're out in public, you visit the local night clubs in your neighbourhood and you look around and spot a white woman dancing with a black man, and you notice the glimmer in her eyes ... don't it make you wish you would be there to know how funky the rest of the night is going to be? Watching the way the slut is grining her hips and butt against the black man, you just know she's got sex on her mind the rest of the night. If you're a white boi watching, just go on home and play Checkers ... and imagine that was your girl.

Whatever type of fantasy you're into, ALWAYS let him know.

Fantasy can be anything as long as there's sex involved. With a white slut who's got her mind fixed on her black lover, she knows she's got a lot of juicy imaginations crawling in her somewhere. Don't care if it involves him fucking you out in public ... or at your place of work. Matter of fact, I'll bet that half the white women out there who're into black men have got this on their mind: the black bull pays them a visit at their office, locks the door, drops the slut on her office desk and rip that panties off her butt. Push her skirt up those fleshy round ass and start pounding that bitch away. I'll bet she'd love it even more if her boss were standing outside wanking away. And if her boss happens to be a female, so much the better. She too can knock and ask if she could come and join in the fun.

Another pressing one is having the brother show up with a couple friends of his and gangbanging her pussy and ass till she could barely walk.

Whatever the fantasy is, ladies, let your bull know about it. It's not a fantasy if you keep it always to yourself.

3. Be provocative with your outlook/dressing when with your bull/lover.

Yeah, a lot of you ladies ought to be well intune with this next rule. Whenever you're hanging out with your bull, whether at home or you and him are stepping out into the public scene, dress as openly as you can without being all too excessive. Let him get a peak of that lovely skin of yours. Make him jealous, tingle his envy at having you around him, and let folks around too know whom you're with and see how happy you are that you're with him.

Even if you and him are indoors, still keep looking slutty for him. Don't wear any panties, just strut around the house let him see those ass cheeks of your bounce as you walk. Wear anything that's light and got a see-through type of material if you want, let your blouse open so your tits can present themselves to him.

All black bulls love to show out their women. If you once used to be the 'stay-indoors' type of girl, you'd better think like Madonna and start remodelling yourself into the sort of woman you intend to be. Don't let that good body of yours go to waste.

4. Sex ALWAYS must run through your mind.

Don't matter if he's in the mood for it or not. It's your duty to make sure he's in the mood. Those pussy and tits that you've got need to be on a 24/7 steady alert when your black lover is around. A good slut knows what her man is about even before he walks in the front door. her submissive side must take over, treat her man to a back-rub and ease his body into relax mood. help him out of his clothes at the same time ask him how his day was. Tell him how much you missed him, how serious you've been playing with your black dildo ... how much you'd love to have the real black cock inside you.

Always keep that sex in your mind, because there's nothing more stimulating for a white slut than the thought that her black bull appreaciates her body more than the average white boi would.
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Rule three applies to me ,love showing my tits and ass ,if I see a black man in a club I remove my underwear and let him feel my naked ass , feeling him get hard against me makes me very wet.