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White guys, why do you love BBC?

when i was a teen i saw my huge black neighbor naked through his window and once i saw his cock i literally fell to my knees, i didnt know i could be so turned on. i ended up knocking on the window after i couldnt take it anymore and he let me in. i immediately grabbed his cock. he was 6'5, about 275lbs, kinda fat but an 11 inch cock. i was about 5'3, 130lbs. that night it took probably 20 minutes before he got his whole cock in me but once it slid past the stopping point and all the way in was amazing, having SOO much of a huge black man inside of me while he had me pinned down was the best feeling mentally and physically ever. so that summer i was over at his house almost every single night. lol thats why i love BBC.
When I was in Africa ridding a zibra from the horny tribe. I seen one over 50 yards long. But I got back to air force one and went back to america. I'm joking all and no this isn't a racist joke.
Its alot more than just the cock that makes the cock. The natural swagger, masculinity, strength, testosterone, confidence and dominance of black men is what makes the black cock beautiful. Ofcourse their actual cocks are beautiful too though :) . Im really starting to appreciate the anatomy of the human body and boy are black men just gorgeous naked.
For me it started when me and my wife started watching porn together, we would watch interracial because she has a thing for bbc and I like small blonde girls, then the more we watched it and masturbated the more I would be looking at the guys thinking damn he's hot, then before I knew I was imagining them fucking my wife and ignoring the girls, then not long after that I began thinking about being able to suck them with my wife and being able to lick her clean after. Now I would happily be a complete slave to a bbc wife involved or not!
I'm lucky to have sucked off lots cocks - well over 100 - the biggest I've ever had belonged to a white guy. But I much prefer black cock.

Black cocks are always big. They stay hard longer and cum more and get hard again quicker. Black men are just sexier than white guys in every way - they are built for sex. I would do anything for a black man.