I have been on just about every Interracial Porn site I can find.

I am very familiar with Iloveinterracial.com and Personalclips.com. Not to mention all the Professional sites.

I spend hours upon hours stroking to Interracial Porn.

I love this forum.

But the one thing I don't like or just can't stand about Blacktowhite.net is... There is always new pics of hot Amateur Interracial action on the home page. But!!! There never is a video to go with it. Not even a link.

In today's society with all the multimedia devices that allow for video recording. You know that if there is a pic! Than there is a video to go with it. But (90% of the time) the video is nowhere to be found.

I guess my question is. If everyone is so willing to post their own Interracial sex exploits in a pic. Why are they not willing to post the videos and share the actual experience with the rest of us?

If anybody knows of a site that shows the latest and best Amateur Interracial action videos? Especially ones that are of the action I see in the pics on Blacktowhite.net. Please let me know.
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Better question: Why are all the videos on the btw.net homepage only 1:30 in duration?
I don't know if it's better. But that is a problem also. However server limits, for the site itself, could be the issue.

I still say they could just post a link or name the site we could find the video at.