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When Hubby Joins In...


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Dan was just rechecking through some important memos in his office computer that he was about sending off to the head office in New York City when his cell phone rang. It was almost break. It was his wife’s phone calling him. He heard the sound of her moaning aloud at the other end, like someone was fucking her big time. He listened to her begging whomever it was to give it to her hard and deep, he knew without a doubt who that somebody was.

Shane. He’s back in my house again.

His wife came to the phone, moaning with excitement: “Honey ... Oh God, Shane and his friend are fucking me big time! Oh Gawwd! They’re fucking me so DAMN GOOD!”

“Come on, bitch,” Shane's voice spoke in the background. “Go on and take that dick! I know you like it. Tell your husband how much you’re enjoying it. Go on, tell him.”

“Oh God, I want that dick in me so bad,” she groaned into the phone. Dan felt a hand on his crotch and wasn’t surprised to feel a growing erection. His wife went on speaking into his ear. “I love that dick ...Awww ... I love that black dick! Oh yeah ... Ohhh ... fuck me with that dick!”

Dan couldn’t take it anymore. He got up and went to his office door and turned the key to lock it. He hurriedly unzipped his fly and pulled out his erect cock and began stroking it. Captivated by the sound of fucking reaching him from home through his wife’s phone into his ear. He half shut his eyes and imagined what Shane and whichever friend he’d brought along were doing to his Annette right now. He pictured Shane hammering her from behind while his friend choked her mouth with his dick. When finally he came, semen spurted out of his cock and splattered over his pants. He sat himself on his chair, breathing heavy; his phone had fallen off his hand and landed on the ground. He picked it up and saw that his wife was no longer calling him. He wanted to be there to see her getting her pussy and ass fucked.

It took him five minutes to leave his office and get to the office garage to pick up his car. It took him some twenty-five minutes to drive from his place of work to his home. There was a Buick parked in his driveway; he recognised it as Shane’s ride. He parked his car behind the Buick, got out and approached the front door of his home with excitement ringing through his skipping heart.

Dan stepped into the living room of his home. On the floor and couch were several clothes, most belonging to guys, and littered on the centre table were bottles of beer and some glasses. As he approached the stairs, he could hear what sounded like Annette’s voice moaning aloud, along with the groaning sound of the bed. He offed his jacket and was unbuttoning his shirt as he got to the landing. He pushed the bedroom door open and stepped into another world.

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