What is the story behind this photo?


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I just stumbled across this picture and it got to thinking. Why is the beautiful brunette walking around bottomless with what appears to be a beach with a black man? Was she doing it because she wanted him to have quick and easy access to her pussy? Had they just got done screwing and she just hadn't put her bottom back on? Also, was he making her do it or did she parade around bottomless on her own accord? EDIT: Oh, it looks like this is a photoshopped pic of Kelly Brook so it's not real. Oh well!
bottomless easy access for bbc.jpg


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This pic is from the modern day story version of Little Red Ridin' Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. I'd recognize that anywhere. This is from the 3rd chapter of the book where she starts telling her mother that she's going to visit Grandma on a daily basis to see to her health, when actually she's banging the BBC I mean Wolf.