what happens if your wife/gf gets A-DICK-TED and wants to leave you

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dr_knockboots637, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. dr_knockboots637

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    Its just a general hypothetical question because i know it happens...
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  2. MWC4BLK

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    We have discussed this and my slut did leave me once for black dick but we ended up back together now she won't let herself get that attached again, its just for the black cock.
  3. Phil

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    Rare,,very rare...we are a couple, we both love the LS. The wife from time to time loves to have some chocolate as do I, albeit of the female type. Listen if a gal actually leaves her hubby for BBC then the marriage was not strong from the start. I have no problem letting my wife have fun with whomever she wants, but know she is always going to come home. We have been doing this a long long time, and are far past any of that kind of drama. That type of scenario happens when a couple who is not strong enough gets into it, or both parties aren't totally in agreement and communicate what the perimeters are. This can be alot of fun but you have to have the foundation.

    JUMBOBAG Member

    Well spoken. Thats right and i wish i was at your strong posistions ,,, well i have not even started yet :help:
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  5. bbccurious

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    I love my husband wont leave him for anybody I actually want to get him into swinging but he is not convinced yet. Yes I know you normally battle with us the woman to swing not your hubbies lol
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  6. Notsomeangene

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    I love your attitude!
  7. Very true, if a women leaves a relationship it would have occured any way and it would not have anything to do with her love of black cock, this is a passion both Gregg and I share. If she leave it is because her marriage was never strong enough for partnership, it was probably very one sided.....!
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  8. vidapaz

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    Same here!
  9. Pamlovesblackcock

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    Ive been loving black men for years and some ask me to leave my husband for them but Ive been his wife for 20 years and Im not going anywhere!Even though Ive been and amin love with more than one black lover and my boyfriend too :)
  10. worshipu9

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    My wife fell head over heals for an ex lover a few years ago. Over the three years they were together he kept pushing her to do more and more.........she dressed slutty for him at his request (not for me), she always swollowed for him (never for me), she started staying with him for longer periods, she went on holiday with him (i paid).....you get the picture.
    My wife always came back to me and we discussed his requests and mainly I actually convinced her to allow him to do these things.

    Eventually he told her he did not want me to have any form of sexual contact with ME. She was devastated but, after a long chat with me when she got back, I again persuaded her this was the right thing to do.

    Eventually, he told her she had to leave me and move in with him full time. This was what broke their relationship. She came back and was 100% sure that she was NOT leaving me. He ended i tthere and then, even refusing to take her back when I called and begged him to. My wife was very very hurt.

    But we are still together, still madly in love with each other and our relationship has grown stronger than before. I adore my lovely wife so i have always understood my other men would want her exclusive.