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What do you think


New Member
We are new to this site. My wife is a very attractive white female that has lot of male and female black friends. I was wondering if you think my wife had sex with this male black friend.

My wife has known this professional black male friend for numerous years. They seem to always work together and if she is working somewhere and he is looking for employment she always manages to get him hired. They are good friends he has a white wife and from what my wife says gives him a lot of problems . During one job they had together they worked alone on midnights for eight hours . On one ocassion they even went on a two day training venture. My wife seems to help him everytime he calls, which ok. I noticed that they keep in touch by email , however its al professional except for one time they had not been in touch my wife left him a email saying " just thinking of you" , he replied "Glad to see that your still there" .
My wife was a cock magnet if she's seen a man she liked she would make sure that she got him in our bed. She was fired from a couple jobs because she was hitting on many of her male coworkers. The last job she had she was hitting on her boss who was divorced the next thing I knew he would moving into our home. I really enjoyed watching him treating my wife as though she was is that was quite a pleasure.

At one point she I want to marry him and me marry his daughter but that never worked out.