what can I say....

Okay, since you don't know me, and I don't know you. The thing is for me is me to be truthful. .
The good: I am very laid back guy, disease free, with an stocky an athletic build. I don't drink smoke or use any type ofand drugs.I love to keep my life drama.free.I enjoy nature, poetry, and learning new things. I always live my life by, ":treat others how I want to be treated". Now it's second nature to me. I always receive pleasure from bringing pleasure in other people life's.
The bad:I have a 10" dick with the stamina, and drive to get any job done. I am a super freak when it comes to sex. For me, it's never enough. I am always ready. Cumming four, six, times a day back to back is no feat for me . I love sex, and I love white women. Put the two together, and I'm in paradise I believe fucking is a artform, and a woman's body is my canvas. Together it's artform in motion. I believe I am a very unique male, and it takes a very special woman that can handle me.