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We're all huge - For the ladies

I haven't been on the site in awhile but recently got on and just looked around and viewed profiles and also many different threads. I've seem to come across something in common with a lot of women. Does everyone want someone who's 10, 11, 12 inches and as thick to thick as a coke can?

Starting to rethink the site and closing my account feel like I'm way to small to be on here.
Well...I suspect some of that is just bullshit!;)But, honestly, at this point in my life I'm only interested in the BIG ones. Those are the ones who rock my world. You can find a small to average one in every pair of Dockers you reach into!:p
Oh there is definitely a MAX for sure! Hunny 10 inches and as thick as a coke can is impossible for most gurls especially white gurls :cry: ... Honestly.... 7 to 10 with nice thickness is fine by me but it's more about how well he can move his ass in bed! :p
Hon, I have a few years, 2 kids and a Hell of a lot of notches on the bed post and I ASSURE you 7 inches ain't my max! I've had 10 inches and that's no problem. I aspire to more!:p
No worries... I didn't realize I was on giganticblackcock.com lol I thought this was b2w an interracial website and forum...
Top Chef you may have to get off hunny cuz apparently you don't measure up for this site for some.
Well, you are! Have you ever read anything posted by anyone else on here? Have you ever looked at the pics? You see a ton of tiny black cocks in the profiles? A little black dick isn't any more use to me than a little white one! Maybe you should stick with the little white boys. Apparently it's YOU who can't measure up!:p


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Sweetie I've dated mostly blk guys in my life and I have yet to be with one that was over 10 and close to as thick as a Coke can omg lol But if you have and can take it with a smile then like I said.... Do you! If you think blk guys with 7 to 10 inch with nice thickness are "tiny black cocks" then that's you hunny.... I'm not hating luv you're just on here with one thinking and not seeing why others are... that's all :)


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I think about 1% of the men would truly live up to the standard portrayed in IR porn. So take everything with a grain of salt.
It's a fetish site and part of the fetish is the size of ones cock. But not all women rate the same size the way. And some women might like blck men for completely different reasons.

If you would go on a big booty lovers website the pictures and videos most likely feature small wait, big booty girls twerking etc. While many of the women in such an online community might have a big booty, most will have an even bigger waist. However they might enjoy the content and attention they gain anyways.

That being said if you are here to 'just' fuck women, perhaps not the best place. The kink is about white women specifically who have a thing for black men specifically - or cuckold couples etc. If you are not in to that I understand why you have little business here.
I've seen the word tiny tossed around I mean the average American cock is 5 1/2" hard. I was just curious but it you're a size queen then that's fine because that is what you want and sometimes actually need.


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As long as he's fairly well endowed (7 inches at least) I'm a happy girl. Black or white. But no matter what size, he has to be talented. If he just pounds away, that isn't talent. I don't care how well endowed he is, if it isn't fun, I'm not doing it. Compare it to a Barbie Doll who just lies there. Looks like fun but isn't. Waste of time.