Wendy writes about a night shared with Mike

Never before have I felt such trust. The transparency between us gives me the courage, and confidence to step into a place with you that only we know and only we share. The secret we have is something unique to both of our lives. Makes me feel very special. I cannot pretend to understand how you have the ability to share me with other men. I admire that you not only have the confidence to permit it but also very much enjoy it. It didn't take much convincing on your part though, before I found myself agreeing to be your Hotwife.

We began looking on the net, and after a few false starts, found a guy that we thought would be perfect. He lived close enough for convenient spontaneity so we called him and arranged to meet him for a drink.We wanted to see if he would be right for us - no flakes. His name is Mike and we hit it off immediately. He was good looking, 5"10' tall, had a very nice build and a laid back way about him -he seemed perfect—his ebony skin and my olive complexion would make a great combination.

We invited him to drop by one Friday night when the kids were gone for the weekend. I dressed in a short red dress that showed a lot of cleavage. I looked and felt sexy and you barely could keep your hands from finding their way up my hem. Mike arrived at 8:30 and I invited him to relax in the living room. After some uncomfortable moments I excused myself to get us some drinks. When I returned you had both found a comfortable topic to discuss so I listened as you got to know each other. I was drinking wine and gave you both a rum and coke to relax us all. He sat on the sofa, I sat on the love seat on his right and you were sitting in the living room chair. We relaxed and enjoyed the conversation and hit it off really well. Mike was very comfortable, and sat reclining with his legs splayed open. I could see the large bulge in his pants and was curious to see of I could handle him. I behaved myself for awhile and flirted with both of you and in the undivided attention I was getting.

Mike remarked how pretty I looked and motioned for me to come over to him. I looked at you for approval and you said, "this is your night, enjoy!" I dropped to the floor and seductively crawled over to him, rose up between his legs and unbuttoned his shirt. I slipped my arms under his shirt and rubbed his chest as he drew me close to kiss my neck and lips. I could feel you move up behind me and opened my legs wider to welcome your touch. I felt your hand move from my inner knee with aching slowness toward my already warm dripping lips. I reached for his belt and in one continuous motion had his thick black cock escaped from his pants. His cock was very large with a defined head and very thick. I commented on how gorgeous it looked and began stroking, sucking and kissing him. I tried to take him deep into my mouth but gagged at first. I repositioned and soon I was sucking and licking him full length. He reached over my skirt to my backside and pulled my ass away from you as if to say, you can’t see me while I finger fuck your wife—I continued to suck and he had a perfect angle to sink his fingers into the warmth that yours had just vacated. I moaned around his huge dick when he entered me.

I could hear your zipper undone as you let yourself out of your ever tighter jeans and could imagine your hand pulling your own cock as you patiently waited your turn. He brought out his wet fingers and offered me a taste. I sensually sucked and licked his fingers clean; then I returned to his beautiful cock. He fingered me relentlessly and I was so wet that it glistened down my leg—he was driving me crazy and I moaned in agony. After about five minutes, just before I could climax you suggested we go upstairs so we could stretch out a little.

You excused yourself to get a bottle of Rum Chata from the wine fridge and make me a glass. Mike and I headed up stairs and left you a trail of clothes along the way. You took your time hoping to hear us already started when you got there , and we didn't disappoint. I was looking in the mirror across the bed while he knelt behind me licking my clit and fingering my pussy. I climbed onto the bed as you entered the room and you quickly realized you were overdressed for the occasion. I beckoned you to me. You came without hesitation and I rolled onto my back and reached for you, taking your impossibly rigid dick in my hand then, my mouth, running my tongue over its head and savoring the tightness of your skin over your shaft.

He approached the edge of the bed and you lifted my legs high. We didn't exchange words. He placed the head of his cock between the inviting lips of my dripping pussy and teased me by sliding it up and down between the folds until I begged for his whole length to be buried in me. In one smooth stroke he thrust the full length of his long shaft into my wet waiting warmth. I gasped as I felt the full length of him plunge into me. My eyes opened wide to find you. Your eyes filled with hunger and lust as you watched the possession you most treasure be taken right in front of you. My body was his now. He had impaled me on the full length of his sword and held it there deep inside of me. His thick member stretched my tight little pussy to a pleasing limit. He filled me completely and hit every spot imaginable. His throbbing and swelling sent waves of indescribable pleasure through my entire body. Now balls deep I felt my body begin to tremble in anticipation as I fought off the urge to give in to the torrent of orgasmic waves.

I looked up at you. My eyes were burning with desire for you. For him. "Fuck me..." I pleaded as you both teased me. Then, "Fuck me!" I demanded while continuing to stare you down with a stern look on my face. My words were directed at you but were an expression of my desire for him. To feel him take me. Make me his own. Fill me with his seed. Then I turned my eyes back upon him , "Take me, make me yours" I begged. The full length of his shaft slowly began to stroke me repeatedly in and out. "Whose pussy is this?" he demanded seeking confirmation. I turned my eyes back at you once again, "It's your pussy! It belongs to you" I responded with a moan.

He continued plunging into my pussy and kissed me gently on the breasts. My legs wrapped around his hips and locked on as his bare tool filled me totally. I could feel every ridge. The definition of his head as it pulled along the depth of my pussy. His thickness stretching the rim of my lips. My legs pulled him in, tipping my hips to match each thrust. He wasn't simply fucking me, we were fucking in perfect unison.

He made one final thrust into me as I drove my hips up to meet his and used my heels to pull him into me as deep as possible. We were all completely overcome with desire and with an unrelenting need to join at the most intimate level. A thick river of hot sperm rushed up though him. I could feel his cock engorge even larger as we both reached orgasm. I could feel his cock pulse and throb with each ejaculation, knowing that each pulse carried another load of sperm into me making me his.

Breathless we lay there with his engorged cock still buried deep inside my tight throbbing pussy. We continued to kiss softly and then you rolled me over into your arms. Your hand slid down between my legs. I could feel a river of his cum seeping out of me. Your own cock was still rock hard. I wanted you to sink yourself into my cum filled pussy feeling its silky warmth and adding your own load to my mess as soon as you could. I spread the soft lips between my legs and let you probe with your two fingers. They were soon engulfed in a pool of hot sperm. He shot so much cum into me that it literally filled my pussy completely. You shimmied down and knelt in front of me gazing at what belongs to you. My spread my legs revealing their glistening sex juices. I could smell our sex, it made me want you, want another orgasm, to feel your rock hardness inside of me. I spread my inviting legs wider, but it wasn't so much an invitation as it was a command. You couldn't wait to penetrate me with your own rock hard cock. Cum gushed out of me as you sunk into my silky smoothness. It was almost more than I could take and after a short but intense fucking you added your load of cum to his. Throughout the rest of the night we slept on and off. Each time he awakened he mounted me and came inside of me, and to my extreme pleasure you couldn't resist topping off each load of his with your own. Reclaiming and re-establishing your ownership and our intense love with each molten hot drop. In the early hours of the morning, with you in the bathroom, he fucked me one last time. You listened from the bathroom. Letting him have me to himself. Then he left before the neighbors awoke. Reminding me of our early days. As I lay there remembering the night, I could feel your hardness against my backside. Rolling over and smiling I opened my legs and slid you inside....