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    we are a couple...I'm the husband. ..2 weeks ago I convinced her to try 2 black and she said yes...but she the next day found message of 2 black girls that I want fuck....plus 3 more girls from italy that want have sex with me...she get so mad.....I really love to fuck other white but I love m9re black big girls.....now she brake my balls that I want divorce. ...I told her that I'm sorry and I want let fuck her by black...I'm italian so I love women but I really want share my wife with black...I watch a lot of interracial porn and I wanrlt do gangbang and bukkake with my wife...I dont know why but I love it...I'm Jelouse too and I want that she do it only if I want and I am sure that if we do that help us to stay together. ...we have 3 kids so very busy life but I want have a day free and bring her to a nice motel and have sex with some black...
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  2. Hotitalianwife

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    I want know what couples and black mans think about that..
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    I'm all for it it seems like you care about her needs

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