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we are las vegas couple

we are angel and alan. a married couple here in las vegas. we have decided its time for angel to be a black cock slut. Alan has wanted to see her with black meat for some time and she has admitted she also wants to have it.

she didnt want to sound too naughty so she hasnt really suggested it to her husband. Fact is that just recently I discovered that before we met( 14 yrs. together now) angel had had experiences with black men . ones that started out when she was younger and older black man asked her if she had ever seen a black mans penis--she said no--he got her to admit she was curious and he pulled out his cock-next got her to hold it and soon its rock hard..told her she had the touch ...well he got her to lick him--told her his didck tastes like chocolate-she did and she was stroking him and he said 'I bet your wet--your pussy " she said no-but he felt and her panties were wet-told her--you see . i told you you would like this.."All white girls do". she stroked him-he played with her he asked her to kiss tip of his dick --she did and as she bent over he grabbed back of her head and made her take it in her mouth..suck him.. Then turns out when she was 15 and ran away from home befriended by older white man--she ssoon was having alcohol-drugs a place to stay etc....guy got her drunk-passed out and and had black guys up in the apt looking at her as she slept on couch.
she would get drunk a lot and turned out that guy would slip her something to knock her out--one day she say video tape of her laying in bed naked and black guy on top of her. she latter pretended to be druk and drugged and passed out and was awake and aware as that guy was having black men come in play with her as he jacked off. and after they came in condom it was poured all over my ass-or back or pussy. then black guy leaves and this guy smells and licks my ass and pussy and that cum off me. so 3 to 4 black men were playing with me weekly, and i didnt know it....but soon--as i was out-i got drunk and ended up in some black mans apt. and i droppped to my knees and grabbed his cock and pulled his pants down and smelled and sucked him. i needed more and layed down spread my legsand he took that big headedcock and put it in me--pushing and stretching me out...i have been fucking for many years already..but this cock filled me up and he pounded me and i came and squirted...i stayed there for 2 days -mostly just laying naked in that bed trying to catch my breath and energy as he fucked me over and over and over.he was almost 15 yrs.older than mei knelt and worshipped that big meat. i returned home months latter-no one knew of my black experiences--my family would have cast me out , if they knew- i was a good girl.school-no drugs etc...in college , i dated older emn-one guy took me to swing club with him--it was scary at first--then exciting. there a while i had gone for drinks-on way back i see this lady kneeling in hall-she sucking black guys cock as her husband is kneeling playing with her pussy..i stop and look and guy starts feeling me up-soon i am on knees his cockin my mouth and his wife takes that black meat out of hers and grabs my face puts it in my mouth and she licks his balls.my date came by saw me and just watched he pulled me to my feet and fucked me as i sucked that black cock. he was so turned on- moments latter he pulls out of me-then cock back in me but so much thicker--bigger-a black cock.they fucked me--my date got off on it and these 2 black guys ended up meeting us at motel rm every other weekend-
but soon i was in the black guys car as he drove me to work--i sucked him--i started seeing them both and my date never knew for 6 months---i was pretending to be good girl and yet there i was on a sunday morning , my family at church, and me on my knees in the front seat of his car sucking that black cock