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i want my gf to bbc . but she will not go for it says she not in to that but with i bought her a new 10 inch black dildo she loved it. i want her to try because i know she would love it and i want to see a 10 inch black cock fuck the life out of her then cum on her face in fact i want her to get gang banged by you black guys any help
i do with the videos all ready and the 10 inches hanging out of look good . shes a pretty girl got that inocent look about her thats why i want to get gang banged and get coverd in cum, i know she would love love it all these sluts do . i will keeping trying just need advice on how to sway her mind
Read the situation in terms of what videos you watch while you use the dildo with her. Try and think more about what would appeal to her initially to break the ice and less about what you would ultimately like for now. My wife was opposed to the idea too I was just patient and over time managed to surprise her with a big black dildo then began to tease her more and more with the idea which she didnt discourage. My wife is asian and doesnt look the type either its a big turnon for me she is accepting of. I know my wife wanted dominant guys so I found some really good clips of well hung bulls fucking asian girls and encouraged her to watch. Just offer positive no hangups sexual experiences leading up to it and if its right it should happen. I am still just finding out what its like. If she is opposed up front tho you just need to be patient and at one point I gave up on the idea entirely she was willing to have a threesome but wanted another white guy.

Basicallly I said why does race matter its allot to give int he first place being selective about it I accepted but I did just ask my wife to look at clips with me. She doesnt really watch porn. She had no idea how well hung black guys are because I made sure to pick clips focusing on size and staying power mainly. She was imressed. Talk to your partner but dont push things becuase if you do and it happens with hangups involved its a big commitment and much better if you both really know where you stand. For us its the naughty sex. Just be careful what you ask for and know where you stand.