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True Story: black guys scoping out a teen today ...


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Stopped in a 7/11 at lunch today to get gas. When I went inside to pay for the gas I noticed 3 black guys (a couple of them older looking than me & I'm 39) watching this white teen at the register. I'll have to admit, she was cute as hell ... long chestnut brown hair to mid shoulders, awesome, petite little figure, and she had on a pants outfit that clung to her ass like a coat of wax on my car. They kept looking at her as the girl paid for her gas & bought a lotto ticket, and saying things which I could barely make out ... one of them even went as far as to grab his cock as he looked at her and made comment. There were several other people in line as well, most all noticing these guys staring at this white girl's ass. It was a bit funny, actually with the openness of the conversation.

Anyways, this girl heads out the door to her car and these guys had to stare past me as their eyes followed her go out the door. I laughed and leaned over to them and said, "surely you guys know that white pussy would get you fellas in big trouble" ... and they started laughing, and one of 'em grabbed his cock again, saying "it'd be worth spending a few years in jail to get his black cock in that tight little bitch". I asked them which they preferred, white or black pussy, and one of the older guys said he liked all pussy but those white ones always seem to have a nice, tight hole. I remind you, we were standing IN LINE at the 7/11 with this conversation going on.

As I left the place to get in my car these guys were outside, around their work truck (appeared to be a painters truck ... ladders, etc) and started laughing with me as I got in my car. I just shook my head and laughed and waved as I pulled away.
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