Tribal Temptations

Jill wasn’t sure how to tell Mebeto what she wanted from him now, but she decided to jump right in and see what his reaction would be. She moved up to him and stood before him. She motioned for him to bend down to her, and as he did so she took his young face in her hands and held it. Then she kissed his lips.

He tasted good. God he tasted good. And what started off as a light kiss continued into passion. Mebeto didn’t know what to do, but when Jill opened her mouth and played her tongue along his lips he opened his mouth and allowed her to go inside with her probing tongue. She put her hands on his chest and then circled his shoulders, bringing him up closer to her. His tongue was big and wet. The inside of his mouth tasted even better than did the outside. This long passionate kiss was enough to make a quivering start between her legs and she felt her vaginal moistness start to soak into her panties.

She brought her searching hands down his chest to the fastener of his robe. She pulled on this and slid the top covering of his robe away from his smooth dark chest. His chest was rippled with muscles, and smooth and soft with no hair on it. She began kissing and licking his chest. She heard him moan, and looked up to see him close his eyes and move back his head. She took one of his black nipples in her mouth and sucked on it, running both of her hands up and down his perfect chest at the same time. Then she switched to his other nipple. She could taste a faint trace of sweat on his chest, and it tasted good, salty and sweet at the same time, with a fragrance to it that made her muscles between her legs start to contract.
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Slowly she moved her hands down his stomach. His robes were bunched around his waist. Hesitating slightly she moved her right hand toward his groin. The fabric of his robe was light to accommodate him in the heat of the jungle. She could feel easily underneath it, and what she felt caused her to gasp in shock. It was a long pole, as long as Mebeto himself was. How could any man be this long? She had to see him for herself. She wanted to see him naked and standing before her. She wanted to see his member.

She looked up at his face and into his eyes. He was a little scared, and so was she, but he was still all right with her advances, so she made up her mind to continue.

Jill reached slowly and with some fright under his robes and tried to start loosening them. She ran her hands around him to get a better hold on how to remove his last garment. As she did this her palm brushed something large and throbbing with warmth. Just this small touch almost caused her to have a mini climax inside her pants. She had her arms around him now. Her hands were beneath his robe and feeling the tight muscles of his buttocks, holding them, gripping them, and massaging them.

He reached down to help her when he saw she was having trouble getting his bottom robe to fall. In one quick draw of a string he had whisked it off his body. Jill stood back a step in amazement. The god was nude before her, and her eyes had never beheld such glory. Her knees trembled, and a quiver was felt in her stomach at the sight.

His body was smooth like black marble. Each line of his body seemed to have been sculpted, and a master artist couldn’t have done better. Every movement he made was so tight and graceful. Jill stared up at her beloved Mebeto, but she could not lower her eyes. She was afraid to look on his manhood. The wonders made her feel complete and like fainting at the same time.

Then she watched as Mebeto ran his own hands down his chest, a bright smile on his face all the time. His hands went down lower on his own body, and soon he griped his cock in his hand, stroking it a few times, and held the erection out for her closer inspection. A proud look was on his face. He knew how beautiful he looked to Jill and how well hung he was.

Jill took a cautious step up to him and slowly reached her hands out to take his member in her grip.

His penis was warm, almost hot, but it felt so strong and good to Jill. She got down on her knees in front of her god to give worship to him. For that his what this man before her had become to her – a fully erect god.

She ran her hands up and down the shaft. Mebeto took his hands away and let her go exploring. She stuck out her tongue and ran it along the opening at the center of the tip, moved the member around and licked over the top. Then turning it the other way she licked the bottom and gave it a firm little kiss.

Suddenly there was an explosion. This surprised and half-scared Jill. A river of come came rocketing out of the manhood as she held it. Her face was only an inch away from it at the time, and she had been examining it carefully. So she was hit in the middle of the face with the white and warm liquid. It was just a brief spout and she felt it running down her cheeks and chin. Some of it clouted up under a nostril and she had to wipe this away to breathe again.

Then she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and started licking it all off her face. She wiped it with her hand and licked it off her palm and fingertips. Oh his semen tasted so sweet and delicious, soon she had cleaned off her face and licked it all down her throat. She smiled up at Mebeto from her position on her knees before him and nodded her thanks.

However, she had also been a little disappointed. He came so soon. That meant she would not be able to do more with him. But when she looked at his cock she was surprised to see that it had lost none of its erection. If anything it was throbbing stronger than before, and was standing straight up, pointed up toward his chest, reaching all the way to his navel. She took it back in her hands and gave it a grateful little kiss right at the tip.

She would have to hurry now, because she did not want to loose this opportunity. She climbed up off her knees and stood back from Mebeto. His eyes were upon her, never leaving her. She stepped out of her sandals and was barefoot. She unbuttoned her blouse and shrugged out of it. She reached down to her khaki shorts and unfastened her belt, unsnapped them and ran down the zipper. Then she bent down low taking off the shorts and tossing them aside in a heap. Her bra and panties were all that covered her now. She was a little shy to disrobe further in front of the giant young man.

She motioned for Mebeto to lie down on a mat on the floor. He strode over to the mat in long elegant moves, and then was kneeling on one knee atop the mat. Jill joined him there, reaching in front for the clasp of her bra, opening it and taking it off. Before she stepped onto the mat she took off her panties.

Both were naked on the mat. She kissed him everywhere and caressed him everywhere, licking and tasting him all over. He squirted semen on her body twice more, in quick but strong and plentiful jets. She realized that his strange self-control must have allowed him to have ejaculations with out actually reaching orgasm. She rubbed his come all over her body. She wanted to bath in it.

Mebeto for his part did not really make any moves. He merely lay there and allowed her to explore his body, and when he couldn’t take it anymore would ejaculate on her to relieve some of the mounting pressure.

The big moment had finally come. Jill picked up his huge member from where it lay erect on his stomach. She held it straight up in the air with both her hands around the base firmly.

Hiking a leg over Mebeto she positioned herself above his penis and sat down on top of him. Oh god, she couldn’t believe it but as she took in the first eight or nine inches (and there was more than just that) she reached a fabulously intense orgasm. Her vaginal muscles contracted and sucked on his cock head. She stopped her downward positioning for a moment and waited to regain her feeling between her legs.

Then she went down on him further. He was too big, and her vaginal opening was too tight, so she could not fit him all inside of her comfortably. But what she was able to encompass in her body felt so incredibly good. She moved a little with the big shaft inside of her and immediately experienced another orgasm.

Like a horse she rode him, up and down up and down. He was a good horse too. He never bucked or even moved at all. His hands were at his sides the entire time. She fucked him thoroughly and he allowed her to do so. She could tell by the look on his face that he could probably not take much more. His muscles were starting to tense up, and his mouth was coming open slightly and he was panting.

She felt him spray jets of hot semen up into her several times but realized these were just minor ejaculations. Her riding of him was working him up to the big explosion. Her vaginal secretions had thoroughly dampened her walls and she rode him with an ease that increased the lovely feeling. After awhile she lost track of the orgasms she had experienced. Her head was thrown back and she realized she was letting little screams echo forth from her parted lips. Her knees were locked tightly around him. Her inner thighs were contracting from the pulses going through her body. She reached up and grabbed her breasts tightly to have some part of her to hold onto and not be swept away totally.

A less brave woman would have stopped the riding after a certain point when the orgasmic pulses became so uncontrollably strong. But she kept moving up and down on that pole that was inside her. She didn’t think she really could bring herself to stop at some point. This was certainly the point of no return for her. She was waiting for the giant man inside her to come. Then she might be able to stop when he receded out of her womb. Otherwise she would ride him through eternity.

Her hands were placed palm down on his by now sweaty black chest, and she pushed herself up and down on his engorged pole up her crotch. One final, huge orgasm built in her, and she didn’t think she was going to be able to take this one. At the same time he threw his head back and both Mebeto and Jill screamed out in unison.

A hot stream of liquid rocketed up deep inside her and it must have been a gallon, because it came and came and just kept coming. She rode up and down on it and was proud of herself for riding out each wave. Each jet of his semen up the walls of her vagina gave her a stronger contraction.

At last she passed out and fell down on top of his smooth shinny chest. She felt her behind still rutting up and down along his shaft even as she lost consciousness. She didn’t know how long she was out but when she awoke the first thing she felt was his penis still inside her. But now he had his arms around her shoulders and was cradling her gently. Her arms had also gone around him and she was holding his naked body to her nude form. Both Mebeto and Jill smiled at each other and kissed long and hard on the mouth, their tongues playing with each other. Jill knew that she would share much with this young black god from this point forward. She felt like she had finally become an official member of their tribe.