Timeline of a night out and session with FB.

6:11 pm.
On the way to our old hometown where we will be hanging out with old friends at our old watering hole. We've already made plans to meet up with one of her favorite fb's tonite.
At the bar and wifey is having a great time with friends drinks, shots, bowls, rails, and both of her fave fb's are meeting is at the bar! Sounds like it's shaping up to be a great night!
They are fucking the shit out of her right now. My wife is spit roasted with one of her buddies cocks in her mouth and the other one in her pussy doggy style. I'm seeing something right in front of me that I have fantasizes about for a long time! One of the many reasons that I love this woman so much!
4:00 am
One bull just pounded the shit out of her pussy util he blew his load in her her mouth. They both got dressed and I gave them a ride to their cars.
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My supplier calls to see where we're hanging out and what we're up to. I let him know that we got a hotel room. He says he's coming over and bringing a girl with him.
5:00 am.
Tha homies have left. Wifey and I are laying in the hotel bed discussing what just took place and watching one of our homemade videos. My supplier (a black man with whom I feel I have forged a very strong and mutually respectful friendship with) showed up with a girl that he was partying with, although my wife and I had never met her. We talked for a few minutes and then my buddy asked what we had been doing all night. I told him we were just watching some homemade porn. He said he wanted to see it and my wife agreed so we all watched one of her fucksessions with 2 other BBC's. This has happened more than once during a situation like this. The other woman becomes very uncomfortable and almost shuts down. IMO, the other woman witnesses what an incredible sexual partner my wife is and is therefore forced to face her own inadequacies because she is not a sexual partner like my wife is. She's not willing to put herself out there because she knows if there is any comparison being made that she is sure not to measure up. Another reason, I posit, is that my wife and I are not swingers. I do not interact or play with any other women. The other woman sees her mans desire for my woman, my woman obviously desires this man, but there is there is a short circuit because I am doing nothing to show any interest in the other woman. Finally, my wife is not bisexual, unless there is super hot chemistry between my wife and the other woman and that has only happened 3 times in 5 years of behaving this way. So the other woman doesn't feel wanted. That is exactly what happened last night. All of a sudden she had to "run home" to take care of something. She borrowed my buddy's car saying she would be back in a half hour. She never showed back up with his car, wouldn't answer his calls or texts and he got very close to freaking out because he didn't know what was going on. Totally killed the vibe we were riding. As soon as the other girl left I put the video back on and all three of us watched it together. I told my buddy to feel free to take his cock out and stroke it if he wanted to. After all, that's exactly what I was going to do. He did, I did, and before I knew it I was fucking my wife while she was on her back with her head hanging off the bed while my buddy fucked her throat. I couldn't believe how closely this night was meeting with my expectations. I really thought there was a chance that she would end up getting fucked by her two favorite bulls at the same time (which had never happened) and that our supplier would come over and he would end up fucking her too. In the end, both he and I had too much interference in our systems to get our dicks hard enough to fuck, but we both busted our nuts on my wife's tits and in her mouth. She was so close to having three different black cocks in her pussy in less than 4 hours. What an amazing woman!