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thick bbc toy

I have a shane diesel toy...I loooove the thickness but it is shaped weird and hurts. I need some advice on what bbc toy to buy that is thick like shane but straight. Links will help..thanks..o and I know people will say get the real thing and I will with time..so bbc community help me find something good for the time being

Mariposa blanca

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There are a few other BBC dildo threads with some good, honest feedback. Do a search and I'm sure you'll find the info you're looking for.

(BTW, if your current toy hurts, maybe you're not lubricated enough. Just a thought.


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I am partial to the smaller ones with the tickler on them but I do have a big thick one. Its great to stretch yourself out if you know you might be with a friend who is large. :


Its about 12" long but I stop at the ticklers and let them do their magic.

I recommend using EBAY to buy sex toys. They have an adult section that is not shown and is hidden. It can be found here:


My husband and I have been using ebay adult for years and with a certain degree of common sense you wont have any problems, plus you can find some unique items that I have only found on ebay.