The Snow Man


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Hey this is another true story about this hustler that lived on my block and fucked my girl his name is "Snow" and hes a black light skin pretty boy with a supposedly big dick. he sells weed,molly and blow hence the name "Snow". my girls ex best friend Natalie and me got to talking about why she dont hang with my girl anymore.
The story goes they went to a club one night and they bumped into some kid "Snow" and he had a table and a bottle and invited them to drink with him. they got wasted and ofcourse now nats at the table with Snow's boy (who I hate) but my girl and Snow have been gone for a while.
Nat goes to check the girls bathroom and calls out for my girl and she hears my girl from inside a stall say "were in here" she was like "whos we?" and opened the stall and my girls sittin on the toilet and Snow was standing infront of her. my girl said "Nat come in and close the door" so she did. my girl asked her if she wanted "some" and Snow turned around with his dick dangling out of his zipper tapping a bag of coke on it.
Natailie while telling me the story stopped and said "not for nothing your girl told me you have a nice size and what not, but I never seen a dick that big! Snows dick was retarted looking, it was so big and curved, when I did a line of it I had to move my head in a semi circle motion lol" when she said THAT my dick was rock solid but i pretended like "i dont need to know that"
The story splits here. My girl, Natalie and Snow have all different stories...
Nats story was my girl was sucking molly of his dick like a "fiend"... nat said she only did one line of blow off his dick and then left, she said they came back to the table 10 min after her. they hung out for a little while more at the club and then they all went back to Snows place next door to me.
she said she chilled with Snow's boy (who I hate) and smoked on the couch but my girl and Snow where in a room and they were moaning and screaming some "freaky shit".
Nat said my girl flipped the story about sucking molly off snows dick and told Nats man it was her so she can fuck him too and thats why they dont talk anymore.

My girls story was, she went to the bathroom alone and Snow followed. she asked him what he was doing in the girls bathroom and he asked if she wanted some coke she said "ok".
They went in a stall, Snow pulls out a bag of coke and then pulls out his dick and asked if she wanted to do a line off his dick, she said "I dont know" she then hears Nat call her name and she answers and invites her in. she said Snow turned around and asked if Nat wanted "some" and she got right down on her knees and did a rail off him. my girl said she did one too but Nat sucked his dick with the molly on it and not her. she said they left the club after and she "slept at Nats house" She also denied fucking Nats man.

Snows story after i texted him flipping out. He was like "chill chill dude, we were all super fucked up" then i asked which story was true he told me this....your girl called me to the bathroom for some coke i gave her the bag but she was like "come in with me" so i did she did a bump off her hand and then was like "what if i do a line off your dick?" he said he thought it was a good idea at the time so he pulled it out and she did it. then he said her friend Nat came in and joined the fun. Snow said Nat was the real freak and it was her idea to ask for molly and suck it off his dick. he said "i aint even gonna lie your my boy, your girl sucked molly off my dick too". then he said after the club my girl and Nat didnt sleep at Natalie's house. he said they were both lying, they both went back to Snows place he said they were all chillen out smoking and then He took Nat in the room and not my girl because he knows me and didn't want to disrespect any further. he said he finished fucking her and when they came out of the room Snows boy (who I hate) was doggie styling my girl on the couch, Nat was like "oh shit, you go girrrrrl!!!!!" joking around, Snow told me he tryed to stop them but my girl was just moaning and didnt say a word and Snows boy was like " I dont care I dont know that dude" and kept pumping, so Snow and Nat went back in the room till they finished.