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The Rabbit's Man/The Story of THADDEUS BLACK

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Almost ten years ago, I sat down and wrote a lengthy novel that foretold a dark crises happening in my country. For years since, that manuscript gathered dust and aged my the hidden depths of my folder. Last Sunday, I eventually made it come alive by getting it published on Amazon.

So many nights and so many headaches and pains, including being rejected multiple times by lit. agents. I couldn’t stand having the manuscript continue to burn a hole in my folder. Thus I thought it best to get it out into the world, publish it and see what folks out there would think about it.

I’d like to propose too that I’ll be giving off ten free copies of the novel THE RABBIT’S MAN to anyone wantS to have one. Just let me know by replying to this post, or contacting me in private and inform me how to send you a copy.

I’ll as well include a few excerpts here from the book as well.

As for my die-hard erotic fans, know that I haven't forgotten about you. I'm still editing 'The Story of THADDEUS BLACK'. Here's another excerpt from it:

Thaddeus inched his face close to hers. He ran his hand under her chin; Sarah pushed herself against him. “Tell me what you would have loved to have.”

“Do you really want me to say it?” Sarah moaned.

Thaddeus inserted his finger between her lips and she sucked on it, coating his finger with her lipstick.
“Yes, I want to hear you say it,” he murmured.

“Well, I sure could have used a big black cock to keep my pussy warm.”

“Yes, that was what I wanted you to hear. I too missed the taste of your pussy.”

Thaddeus’s hands grasped at her tits behind her blouse. His fingers worked at undoing her buttons then pushed her blouse open to reveal what was hiding inside. Sarah raised her face toward his and they kissed while his hands slid past her bra to caress her flesh. Their kissing heightened as his fingers pinched her nipples. Their tongues snaked back and forth at each other. Thad’s hands went to her thighs and pushed her skirt up her knees. Sarah wrapped her arms around Thaddeus’s neck and was kissing him harder as he lifted her off the desk.

Thad carried her toward his chair and sat on it, nearly falling off to the side, though not losing grip of his secretary. Sarah freed herself and came to her feet. She slid to her knees before him and helped loosen his belt buckle then unzipped his pants. Thaddeus’s cock was rock hard and waiting. He winced as Sarah wrapped her fingers around his shaft like a Ninja wielding a sword and applied her mouth to his cock. Thaddeus lounged in his chair and watched her bob her head between his thighs.

“Ahh-shit!” Thaddeus couldn’t help letting off a groan. The tiredness he’d brought with him quietly slipped away as if he knew this was the right antidote he needed. Thaddeus loosened his tie and undid his shirt buttons while his secretary remained focused on what she was doing to him.

Sarah had both hands on Thad’s thigh while her lips swallowed and stretched his rigid member. Her mouth made gagging sounds and she lolled her head side to side, then back and forth while still retaining hold of his cock in her mouth. Sarah was like a dog gripping a bone, not daring to let go. She slipped a hand under her skirt and pushed her panties to the side to rub at her wet pussy; her pussy too wanted a taste of something black and hard.

Thaddeus pulled her up to her feet. Sarah hiked her skirt to her waist while he shoved his pants down his legs. He stroked his cock before her and Sarah grinned as she came forward, balancing herself on him. Thaddeus held her panties aside and grunted as he forced his cock between her pubic region. They both sighed with relief as his prick’s head slipped into her wet entrance.

“Yeah, don’t that feel good?” he asked her.

“Uhhhh,” Sarah raised her head and moaned; a look of ecstasy clouded her face.

She leaned over him, held her breath as her pussy thrust down gently on his dick, taking more of him. Thaddeus grabbed at her waistline and pressed her butt down hard on him, knocking the air off his secretary.

“Awwh God!” she gasped. “Awwhhh shit! Oouuhhh fuck!”

Sarah reclined her head on his shoulder as a wave of excitement ran through her. Thaddeus kissed the side of her neck and nibbled on her earlobe. His hands grasped her ass cheeks and pulled her back and forth over his thigh. Sarah now had her lips on his ear and was fighting back her gasps. Her breasts roamed free from her bra and pressed against his face while her hips rocked against his. Their lips found each other and they kissed frantically, sucking each other’s breath. His cock rubbed against her cervix. Thaddeus thrust a finger into her anus and lifted her butt up and back down on his cock.

Here: http://damiendsoul.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-rabbits-manstory-of-thaddeus-black.html