The night he let his friends use me

Derrik called me and told me we were going out and that I was staying the weekend with him. I get excited every time he calls. I slipped into his favorite little red dress and drove over to his place. He took me out for dinner and we talked. Afterwards we drove back to his place. Usually if we are driving and it's dark he wants me to suck him or jerk him but today he just wanted me to wait.

We pulled up and walked me to the door and led me in. The house was dark as derrik led me into the bedroom. He later me down on the bed and began to kiss my neck as he pulled down my dress. He began licking my wet pussy driving me crazy. Just before I climax he stops and stands up. I'm laying there wearing nothing but my heels as he turns on the lamp and reveals two other men. Derrik tells me that these are his friends, John and Marcus, and that I am going to fuck them tonight as well. John was tall, about 6'3, and thin but had a very long cock. Marcus was shorter 5,10 and stocky with the thickest dick I have ever seen though only 6.5.

Still laying there I was in awe as the men stripped down and joined me on the bed. John started nibbling on my pussy as derrik and Marcus alternated fucking my mouth. Derrik was first to fuck me. He rolled me onto me knees and slid his massive black dick deep in me. As he pumped in and out of me I sucked john and jerked Marcus. I could feel them both growing as they got hard. Johns hands ran through my hair as he inched his long black cock further down my throat. Marcus fondled my breast and pinched my nipples making me wince and moan. With every pinch my body would twitch and tighten on derrik's cock and gag on johns dick.

I could feel derrik's thumb working around my tight asshole. He told me he was going to fuck my ass but till now I had never been penetrated. He slowly pushed his thumb into my ass. I felt the pressure then pleasure. He began working it in and out alternating with his thrusts. I knew his dick was way thicker than his thumb and no matter what he did I would never loosen up enough to take him in. Derrik began to thrust hard and grunted as he filled my pussy with his cum.
Marcus took his place and I felt my right pussy stretch as he forced it in with one thrust. I screamed out in a mix of pain and pleasure as Marcus fucked me without regard for my pleasure. Derail encouraged him laughing that I didn't need to enjoy it, I was just there for his pleasure. Hearing him say that riled me up. I started pushing my pussy against Marcus and fucking myself on his fat black dick. John sat back and stroked just watching me take this dick. I wanted to cum so badly and show them that I enjoyed it. Soon I felt Marcus's dick twitching inside me. He released his cum inside me with a long moan and a deep thrust.

I was on all fours with cum dripping out when derrik told john to have at me. John slid his cock in me and thrust a few times before pulling out and pinning up with my asshole. Derrik sat in front of me and strokes his dick in my face. He told me to look him in the eye as John fucks my ass.

I wasn't ready for him when he began pushing against my virgin hole. He spit on me and rubbed it around to lubricate then continued to push. I screed in pain and dropped my head to the mattress. My hands gripped the sheets tight as I felt my body being split in half. Derrik grabbed me by the hair and told me again to look at him. He had a devilish smile on his face as he watched his friend penetrate me. Just as I thought I couldn't take any more, I felt the head of john's dick enter me completely. The pain began to fade as he held it there for a moment. He applied some lube to the shaft of his dick before sliding it further into me. After a few slow short thrust my body relaxed and it began to feel good as he slid it deeper into me. Derrik used his thumb and wiped some of the mascara that had run down my cheeks. He told me I was a good girl then lowered my head onto his hardening dick. I sucked derrik as John fucked my ass. It was beginning to feel really good and John started to pull it out and thrust it back in. His rythm increased as he came close to coming. He came in my ass and pulled his dick out. I felt empty. I reached back and could tell he left my ass gapping. Derrik told me to ride Marcus so he could fuck my used up ass. I knew he was thicker than john and hoped it would not be as painful as at first.

Derrik rubbed the lube on his cock and pushed it into me. My ass stretched as he forced it deep into me. It was all pleasure. I could feel both dicks filling me. Pressed deep into my body. John stood next to me and I sucked his dick until he got hard again. I was being pumped in every hole. John commented that I still had two hands, maybe he should call more guys over.

My body quivered as I came again and again. It seemed like these men were never going to cum. The switched me around and had derrik on his back in my ass, John and Marcus alternated between fucking my pussy and getting sucked. Marcus was the first to cum. He was fucking my pussy and pulled out jerking it as he came. shooting his hot cum on on my pussy and stomach. John came next and he covered my face. Derail put me back on my knees and fucked my ass hard. Thrusting with all he had until he pulled out and sprayed his load on my back and ass.

My body was drained. The three beautiful black men stood up put on pants and poured a drink. Derrik looked at me still laying there. He told me I was a mess and to go clean myself up. As I showered I could hear them talking and laughing about what they had just done to me. I sat in the shower floor and rubbed my sore pussy. I couldn't believe the amount of big black cock my tiny whit body could handle. I joined them after my shower with a glass of wine. Derrik said that he thought for sure they had broken me, maybe he'll call more guys next time.