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The cocktail party


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My wife is 52 not very adventurous and a little shy , I am for ever trying to tell her how sexy she is and how appealing she is to other men , on many occasions I have noticed men turn and look ,as she has that hour glass shape round ass large tits with a small waist.

We have often fantasized about her fucking other men but it never went any further until one very memorable night.

Kim worked for an overseas corporate company and the new CEO had all his managers meet up in London for a meeting , so Kim packed and went .

Kim was there for a week , she was very impressed with the new management and her prospects were good her voice was different on the phone I could tell she was very relaxed .

Arriving home she was different , new clothes that was a little revealing ,plus a spring in her step , we fucked all weekend and even that was intense and passionate plus she had shaved smooth , which I had been asking her to do for years'

During the next few weeks she talked about her job and the new responsibility ,then one day I noticed her work news letter with a picture of the new CEO and his staff , I smiled as I was looking at a very attractive black man who was 59 and single as described under the photo.

When she arrived home I casually brought up the new letter with the photo as expected she was very coy and tried to avoid the situation but eventually I got all the gossip , she told me he had taken a liking to her from day one and took her to dinner on two occasions , then she told me that he had tried to seduce her but she resisted.

We then used him in our fantasy and she was so eager to use his name and her orgasm was moor intence.

Kim phoned me at work and told me he had arrived from the UK and is her for a few days her voice was so girlish and that we have invited to a cocktail party at his hotel suit on the Saturday night.

All Saturday she was sorting out what to wear , she eventually chose a backless cocktail dress which left nothing to the imagination but she looked stunning and extremely hot , all afternoon she spent in the bathroom and eventually we left around 6 pm.

Walking through the hotel reception she got so many looks I must admit she looked hot , arrived at the suit and we were greeted by her boss ( karl ) he shook my hand kissed Kim held her waist and we walked in.

Some of the people there I knew so I chatted while Kim was introduced to his new staff members she had not met , I made the bar and the barman was black with a white coat on he smiled and served , Karl was the perfect host and nothing was spared , food ,drink all served Kim was loving every minute Karl kept mingling but now and then would make a special move on Kim .

Karl came over and was chatting to me small talk really , so I made the first move and asked him if he wanted tio fuck my wife , he stared and said yes would that be ok with you , I shook his hand and told him we have been waiting years for exactly that but I want to watch , he just thanked me and went.

Later people left and only Karl me and the barman was left , Kim was at the bar with Karl I was in the corner he started to nibble her neck and she responded , his black hands were slowly running up and down her naked back then I watched as he kissed her , her mouth opened and his tongue was darting in and out she was in another world by then , in the middle of the room was a large couch Karl walked her over and undid her dress and it fell to the floor leaving her very naked he slowly lay her down and spread her legs and started to push his tongue deep in her cunt Kim arched her back her tits swelled her nipples grew long and hard then all of a sudden the barman appeared totally naked and fed his cock into her mouth , so Karl was eating her out and the other man was feeding her his cock , her moans were so erotic,

Karl stripped and I saw his huge cock , Kim just looked at him and said fuck fuck me Karl please he knelt between her legs and fed his cock head into her wet cunt she grimaced at first but as it went deeper she relaxed and took the lot he then pounded her,

This went on for ages , the bar man was playing with her tits and waiting , Karl stopped got up gave the barman his turn Kim never complained just took a good fucking from both men Karl came over and thanked me and asked if he could keep fucking her and would you like to see her double fucked if she lets us.

With that karl went back over sat on the couch and told Kim to mount him , his cock just slipped in exposing her anal passage which the barman was lubing up and pushing his finger up her ass Karl said something to Kim and she just nodded with that the barman got behind her and started to feed his cock in her ass both men were deep in her and fucking her with all there might , soon they started to cum first was the barman who filled her ass with a huge load then Karl was making Kim bounce up and down hard on his cock until he blew she collapsed Karl held her tight until he had unloaded she got off and cum oozed out of both holes , I noticed Karl was still oozing cum so she went down and cleaned him all up.

Soon they all recovered and Kim got dressed and we thanked both men and went home .