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the bull from across the hall.


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This is one of my favorite interracial stories, enjoy.

When I lived at my old place I had this black guy as my neighbor. He was never really home at all. He would travel for work non-stop. I was coming home from work in the morning and he got there the same time I did. We got to our doors and talked a little. We became friends when we saw each other. Since we didn’t see each other a lot we gave each other our cell numbers. He was all about me. He loved my ass and asked for pictures and stuff but I never sent any. He even met my boyfriend at the time. Once he saw my boyfriend all he wanted to do was fuck. He would text me like: the next time I’m home let’s fuck, all I want is that pussy and ass of yours I can’t stop thinking about it. We can fuck all day the next time I’m home. I swear I’ll fuck you all day long. Let me fuck your pussy. I’ll fuck you so good. I really didn’t text back to those, but I did once I said, “my boyfriend just came inside my pussy hole you want seconds?” he responded back something like, “Fuck that he can have your pussy, I’m gonna rip your ass hole apart”. The next time he was home he text me and said, I’m home come over and hang out. I thought about it for a second then went over. I had on black thin tights with a pink thong that you could clearly see, white loose tank top with a black bra. He opens the door and says, “Damn baby you look sexy as hell for 7 in the morning”. I walk in and his huge hand is instantly attached to my ass. He squeezed it and spanked it softly. He sat down on the couch and told me to stand in front of him. He stuck his face up in my pussy and took a deep breath to smell my pussy. He said, “god damn I love the way your pussy smells”. He started to rub on my pussy through my tights and squeezing my pussy fat together. He was like, “oh man you got a fat pussy! I bet you’re amazing to eat out”! Then he spun me around and squeezed my ass cheeks together and massaged my ass for a little. After sometime I finally sat down on the couch next to him. My pussy was drenched and my scent was in the air. He said, “Damn baby I can smell your pussy from here, you must be wet”. I told him that I was drenched thanks to him. I got us off the topic and we talked for a little bit and watched some TV. He excused himself and said he had to go the bathroom. He went to his room and shut the door. Even though his door was shut I could still hear him piss. I was amazed. A minute or two pass and he walks back out completely naked from head to toe. His huge cock was just hanging free down at his knees. I was in complete shock and amazement. I been fucked by some huge dick before, but he was by far the longest, thickest I ever seen. He walks right up to me and grips his dick up and puts it right in my face and says, “Suck my dick.” I wrapped my hands around his monster and just stared at its abnormal length and girth. His head was a prefect mushroom, he had thick veins, and his ball sack was like to baseballs hanging. I look at him and I told him that I was only going to sucking his dick and that its. He said, “cool baby just pleasure your man.” I opened my mouth as wide as I could and just started sucking his head off. My tongue literally fit inside his piss hole. It was shocking to me that a man’s dick could possibly grow this big. I reached in for his balls. I swore I was cupping both of them, but I wasn’t. One nut of his was the size of a plum, I swear. I finally reached over and pulled on the other one. He loved when I played with his nut sack as I tried to swallow was much of his massive cock as I could. I could barely fit any of it in my mouth. So I started sucking on his shaft and tonguing his huge veins. I love veins on a dick but I never seen veins this thick. They looked like they were main artistries. I lifted his cock up and jerked him off as I started to suck on his plum size nuts. He reach down and squeezed his two nuts together making his sack nice and shiny and told me to put both his nuts in my mouth. I had no clue how I was going to fit what looked like two tennis balls inside a condom in my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and took one in and struggled hard to get the other one in my mouth. I didn’t want to hurt him, but he f***ed me to get both. After a few tries I finally some how got the other nut inside my mouth at the same time. Now I have two massive nuts inside my mouth looking like a squirrel with to much food in its mouth. I couldn’t believe what I was going through right now. As I sucked on his nuts he told me to stop. He picked up his phone off the side table and took his cock off my face that was just laying there like a 12’inch hoagie. He then started to take pictures of me with his nut sack inside my mouth. I couldn’t take it anymore and spit out his nuts. My thick white spit was just hanging from his nut sack and all over my chin. He told me to suck my spit off his nuts. So I leaned in and tongued my long thick hanging spit in my mouth. I ran it all the way up until I reached his nuts and sucked my spit clean off his nuts. Before I put his head back in my mouth he said, “Put my entire dick down your throat”. His cock was so hard that I managed about 9 inches and gagged for air. He said, “That wasn’t the whole thing!” I told him your cock is already down into my stomach no more can fit that’s it! He grabbed the back of my head and stuffed his cock down my throat. He got it down my throat to a point where there was only like 3 inches left of his cock and my jaw was dislocated. He f***ed every little centimeter more of cock down my throat as he could. He quick took more pictures of me look up at him with my eyes bl**d red and tearing, with this leg of a cock f***efully stuffed down my throat. I swore my throat was going to explode. I held it in as long as I could then I spit it back up. I got insanely horny all of a sudden and told him to fuck my throat like he would my little asshole. He called me the biggest slut he ever knew and flipped me on my back. Now my head was off the couch. He slammed his dick in my mouth and started to fuck my throat. It got to a point where I couldn’t handle it anymore and had to get up. I worked his dick with my mouth for ten or so minutes. He wanted my pussy so bad he couldn’t wait anymore. He slapped me in my face with his cock like five times. It really freaking hurt. I lied back on the couch and he got on his knee in front of me. I raised my legs over his head so he could pull my pants off. Instead he pushed my legs apart as far as he could and grabbed a hold of my pants and ripped them apart. My thin tights ripped like nothing. My small pink thong was the only thing protecting my pussy from this monster. He gripped them and torn my thong right off me and threw them across the room. My hairy drenched pussy was finally all his. He’s been waiting for this for months. He opened his mouth and stuck out his wide tongue and just started to devour my pussy with his mouth. He chewed my pussy meat and my clit. He spread my pussy lips so far apart opening up to the max. He stuck his tongue deep inside my pussy hole a he could. He was literally licking my pussy walls. He was sucking on my pussy so hard. He had my entire pussy inside his mouth working my clit with his tongue and I came in his mouth. He released my pussy and then spit right on it. He told me it was time to fuck. I took off my tank top and bra for him. He picked me up and put me over the other arm of the couch. Now my ass was up in the air and I was leaning over the arm. There was nowhere to go I was his. He spit on his hand and got his dick wet, my pussy was still drenched thank god. He walked into me and grabbed my waist. At this moment I knew there was no going back, and that I was going to get fucked like I never had been fucked before. He pushed his head up against my pussy hole and swear it was so big it was even touched my asshole at the same time. He circled it around my hole a few times getting my cream all over it and then with one push he sank that massive meat head of his right inside my hole. The feeling was indescribable. I squeezed my face and cringed in pain. I gritted my teeth together and wished it was over already. He had to tear my pussy hole and if he didn’t yet he would when he would put the rest of his cock inside me. When his head went in he moaned so loud I didn’t know if he was hurt or in pleasure. All I knew was that I was hurting. He let a second or so past to try to let my pussy hole dilate to the size of his head the best it could to give him some more room to push his shaft in, because as of right now that cock wasn’t moving anywhere! He pulled his cock head back out and it was a total release. He spit up his cock some more and sank it back into my body. This time his head and a few inches managed to go deeper inside me. He pulled out again and f***ed harder and harder. This time I could feel every inch of his manhood slid deeper and deeper inside me. My pussy was on fire and I swore he pushed my entire uterus up into my lungs. I never had that much man inside my body cavity before in my life. He wasn’t waiting anymore. He said, “I’m going to fucking destroy this pussy”. He f***ed every last inch of his cock in to my pussy without waiting for it to get use to the incredible size of his girth. Once he f***ed his entire cock balls deep inside me, he just let it lay there. It honestly left like he put his entire arm all the way to the armpit inside me and was playing with my guts. I took and breathe and then with that he just went off like a machine gun! He literally started to fuck me so hard and so fast, my body and mind had no clue what was happening it to. He was slamming my bladder so hard I had to pee so badly, but there was so much cock meat inside me that it was blocking my piss hole and I couldn’t. There were periods of time where I couldn’t even breathe. He was fucking so hard and fast I couldn’t even moan. My body couldn’t let it out. Faint cries were the only thing I could muster. Good thing my pussy was creaming like crazy, I swore it was a safety mechanism so that my pussy wouldn’t tear apart. But I knew he had to tear me, that pain I could feel. He wouldn’t stop; he grabbed my hips tighter and just pounded harder. It got to a point where I cried for him to stop, and tried to push him away from me. I needed a breather. But he wouldn’t stop. He wanted to tear me apart. He said, “Na I aint stopping this is my pussy now bitch! This is how a slut gets fucked! I’m going to tear this pussy apart! Welcome to my dick! You feel that bitch, you feel that? That’s how a black cock fucks!” Finally I just gave up and let him tear me apart. He was too much man and just drove his cock through my pussy walls. He finally let up and pulled out. It felt like a piston from like a drag racer just was non-stop slamming into me. He pulled out and my pussy was red hot. I swore smoke was coming out of my torn pussy hole like a gun barrel. He spit on my pussy and spread my ass cheeks opening up my hole. He wanted to see the damage he did. He said, “Fuck baby your boyfriend’s head could fit in here now”! He picked me up and I wrapped my hands around his neck and locked my legs around him. He gripped my hips and just drove his amazing cock full f***e right up my pussy. He slammed so hard into my cervix it hurt so badly. He literally was a “fucking machine”. As he fucked my brains out, he just looked right at me the whole time. He would say things like, I wish your boyfriend could see what I’m doing to you right now, and he would never want you back! Your pussy will never be the same after this. He threw me to the couch and placed me on the floor. My back was up against the couch and my legs up in the air. He wanted me to watch his cock destroy my pussy he told me. He turned around and sank his cock right in my well used pussy. I could only see his ass and his third leg being buried inside my body. His huge balls were like wreaking balls slamming against my pussy hair. His cock was completely white covered in my cream. I managed to look at the clock and he’s been fucking for over an hour now. My body was so weak I had barely any strength; he did what ever he wanted to do to me. He fucked me so many different ways. He kept on telling me how he was going to shot the biggest load in my pussy and that he was going to flood my cunt with his seed. He told me this is now he breeds little sluts like me. He asked how I liked being used as his fuck doll. He pushed me to the ground in the middle of the living room. I lay on my belly completely flat. He got on top of me and pushed my legs closed. He entered me and my hips rose. He locked my neck between his big hard bicep and forearm. He had me in a full body submission. I couldn’t move at all. He told me he was going to cum in me now whether I wanted him to or not. I begged him to cum in me. I yelled breed me like a little fuck slut. That turned him on so much. He started fucking away and I could feel his cock get real thick and hard. I knew he was going to blast any minute now. He tightened his grip around my neck cutting off some of my air and let this loudest moan out like a fucking bull. He went from a non-stop hammering fucking motion to hard blunt slams deep inside my pussy. His cock started to violently jolt. He got so thick I could feel my pussy walls expand with each shot of thick cum inside my pussy. I could feel his seed being in ejected in me. With in second his hot thick rich white cum was pouring out of every possible opening in my pussy. I came at the very same time and now both of our juices were mixing together deep inside my womb. I honestly felt like he just bread me. The feeling was so overwhelming. Even after he finished shooting his entire 30 second load inside me he just kept on fucking my pussy. He wasn’t done yet. He kept his lock around my neck and just kept fucking my badly fucked pussy hole. After some time he exploded an entirely other load inside my pussy. When he was done he slipped out of my hole and like an eruption his cum just flooded out of me. He turned me over and spread my legs so he could watch his seed run out of my hole. After he was done watching he got up and went to his room took a piss and came back. I didn’t move the whole time. He told me I had to get out because he had to sl**p. So I slowly picked my used body off the floor put my top on and picked up my ripped pants and thong. He opened the door for me and said thanks. I painfully walked to my bed. It hurt so bad to walk, I barely could move my legs. I fell on to my bed and passed right out. The craziest thing that I remember while I was sl**ping was that I was dreaming that I was peeing. But in fact I wasn’t peeing it was just all his cum still flowing out of my ripped hole. After that day we fucked several more times when he came back home from trips. By the third fucking my pussy finally got use to it and we had a lot of fun. My boyfriend and I broke up a couple months down the road when he found the huge dried cum stains on my sheets and all over my thongs. That defiantly was a “surprised visit”. I don’t talk to that bull from 72B anymore, but I’m sure he still has all those videos and pictures he took of me.