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I enjoy ladies peeing on me during sex! Is that weird????

  • The ladies i have sex with enjoy it!

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'Am the black Tiger of Sweden. . . one of the rare species of African Alpha males on the planet! 'Am not that nice-looking guy I must confess, but when it comes to sex, 'am the Lord of the Ring, I bring the blackchemistry to play. . . making me the metaphor of Fire! I possess an unusual sexdrive described as "exponential". . . meaning, I have a high degree of sexual impulse known otherwise as Libido Type"A"! You are free to blush ladies. . . but this ain't a bluff:D! Being a porn freak, I have over the years mastered by induction, the art of sexual power and Aura enhancemnet! I have lately pushed it to an all high sublime and surreal level:D! 'Am therefore here to satisfy women who have an insatiable gravitation towards sex ! For all the ladies who belong to the aforementioned class, I love you and adore you! Here comes your much awaited sex avatar! Much love/ Black-Chemistry. . . the black Tiger of Sweden