the begining

Our story started before we got married we both knew that in the past we had both been involved in swinging sex party bdsm etc in previous relationships my husband much more than me cuckolding was something i wanted to do then i didnt know it as cuckolding just as i wanted a bigger better cock that i was used to before we got together so i mentioned it to him not in that way of course just was he still interested in his previous lifestyle he shot it down told me he wouldnt do that in a married life and as we were planning the wedding it was over so we continued to live our very happy loving life that was great apart from the poor sex and high levels of sexual frustration years past and then my husband adores the black race why he married me said about the porn he watched he showed me women being fucked properly and asked are they really get fucked that good or faking it at this point i was unsure what to say as my words said wrong could break the love of my lifes heart so i tried to work around it but then just decided to be 100% honest and hope so i told him the truth about the girls on his porn and my past experiances it went silent for awhile and then he kind of went oh and then went on with his day at this point i never knew if i hurt him or how he took it few days went past and then he came to me again with his porn and questions which i answered honestly je then told me that his aim in live is to fullfil me complete me love me so deeply that i had it all he told me he adored me and he wanted me to have it all so he found cuckolding he showed me it i was amazed but unsure as i didnt fully understand at that point we learnt together and found what was missing he then asked me why didnt you tell me you wanted this i said i wanted it from the beggining but how could i just say that sexually you are not rite for me and you cant please me in that way hard subject but he stands firm that i should of just said it and not missed out and that he adores me worships me and that my desires my well being is all that matters and here we are now


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hubby and i got into sharing fantasies in an attempt to put some spice into a 10 old marriage. it was hubby that first hinted at another guy being present, as we fantasised, and i just went along with it cos it was kinda hot.

before long all of our fantasies revolved around me fucking other men and it was very much a mutual thing. he was the one driving the fantasy but i'd also chip in with what i wanted to visualise while we played. we'd think and talk about sexy scenarios all the time out and about doing everyday things. we got kinda obsessed with it a bit lol.

i did get worried initially. i didn't understand why he'd want to see me with another man. or why every one of his fantasies were like that. we tried other fantasies but neither of us really got into them. it was the same with watching porn together, something else we did to spice up the marriage. we eventually just accepted that the porn that we both liked was amateur gangbangs lol.
Our story starts very early. I married my high school sweetheart. She was my first! Found out latter she was everybody's first and then some. Obviously she liked to fuck and we fucked and fucked 2 to 3 or more times a day for the first year of our marriage. I don't have a particular big dick about 5" but not big around at all and I knew from some of the times we fucked she wasn't getting off because of my size so one nite after I fucked her and was finishing her off with one of her large dildos I proposed to her bringing in a lover with a bigger dick that would feel as good as this big dildo. At first she was somewhat reluctant I don't think she wanted to hurt my feelings, but as I continued to fuck her with the big dildo she kinda liked the idea. We didn't talk about it anymore that nite but the next day she told me about a guy she worked with that might be someone to consider. I said that that might work and she told she would see. About a week later she told me that she had talked to him and he was interested and that he may call tonite. Well he called at 8 and arrived 20 mins later. We met and had drinks talked for awhile. I liked him a lot. We watched porn movies and JJ excused herself and came back in nothing and sat next to him. We decided to go to the bedroom and he went in the bathroom while we got on the bed. When he came out of the bathroom naked I saw his cock it was huge. 3 times mine soft. Ended up being 10 1/2 long and 8 1/2 around. Anyway he got on the bed and she started sucking him off taking in as much as she could. I thought she would need to be worked up so I started fucking her from behind. I was so turned on that I came soon. After I got off she looked at him and said " Are you going to fuck me with that big thing or not" With that she got on top of him and slid that huge cock in her to the hilt in one stroke. Couldn't believe that she took all of it that soon. Well he fucked her and fucked her for what seemed like hours. I finally left and went to bed when I got up the next morning they were still at it. Apparently they fucked all nite. He finally left about noon. But I found out later that she had been fucking him for the last 6 months every day . And she has been fucking other guys since we have been married too around 20 or so for the last year. That was 45 yrs ago and many other lovers after that. More to come.


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Our first time was with our much older neighbor and I had no idea what a cuckold was or that I would enjoy watching my wife. He was late 40's and we were mid 20's. They used to flirt and she used to tell me how attractive she thought he was. Older, good shape, extremely confident and assertive. We used to have pool parties and sometimes end up in the hot tub. One time when we were all naked, we saw how huge his cock was and he saw how puny mine was. My wife couldn't stop staring at it and mentioned it to me after everyone left and for days after. The next time we had a party, he stayed longer than the others. They started fooling around, snapping towels. She snapped him on his ass and he grabbed her and said she needed to be punished so he put her on his knees and spanked her. IT started to turn sexual. Somehow he sensed that she wanted him and I wanted to watch it. He got me to admit I wanted to watch her suck his cock (and later to fuck her) and made me tell her. We were all drunk and it was extremely intense. He ended up fucking her for over an hour and made her cum 3 times from fucking (I have never been able to make her cum except from my tongue). The next day, she was very sorry and apologetic, but I had to admit to her that I was totally turned on the whole time. (He even pointed out during seeing how hard my little cock was and I even came in my pants). So he started fucking her on a regular basis once or twice a week and even got me to eat his cum out of her and other stuff.