The Alppha Organization- Part 5


The Alpha Organization- Part 5

It had been 6 weeks since Kim had been to that first mixer-meeting. Things had been progressing. She was frustrated at how slowly things were going but they were progressing. During those 6 weeks she had been meeting with a variety of women members of the TAO and had been watching some instructional information on the computer. She knew that the pressure was on her and on her marriage to break Rick. She had reviewed a great deal of information explaining the superiority of the black man over the white boy and she was amazed that this information had not been explained to her before. There was also information about the need of white women to cuckold their white boys. After some discussions with some of her new women friends the whole concept was making sense to her. She knew that she would break Rick or leave him. She wanted to keep the marriage intact and she still loved him. But it would have to be the right kind of marriage. A marriage based on Rick accepting his role as a cuckold and the total acceptance of TAO.

The breaking began that first night she was home when she was undressing. Rick had tried to ask where she had been and she merely responded in a vague manner that she had been to a meeting with Ellie. That night she specifically had watched an interracial porno film with Rick. He had always been the one interested in such things but she now used this tool to help her. As she watched it she made small comments about the white women and the black men. She told Rick that she had seen so many interracial couples that it seemed like an explosion to her. Rick had responded that he was not sure it was all that common and she harshly corrected him. She told him that the only thing holding back more of these relationships was the shortage of eligible black men. The evening ended up with her watching the TV from her bed with his face buried in her crotch. She held his head tightly and as she orgasmed she talked about the TV action that he could not see. When she was done she patted Rick on the head and said "Thanks honey. That was so much better tonight. I think that watching the movie helped. I could imagine I was the woman in the tape even though she had something for real that was a bit bigger. Isn't it amazing how much of sex is in the head?" Rick seemed confused by all of this. It was as if she had had mental sex with the black man and he was just a tool or vibrator. Rick started to nuzzle with Kim after her orgasm but she gently pushed him away. She then said "I am so tired honey and really need a good night's rest. Would you mind sleeping in the little guest room so I can have more room tonight?" Once again he was confused. He had brought her to a wonderful orgasm but she had no intention of returning the favor. Also she seemed more interested in pictures of black men than his actual presence. Rick knew that a real man would not have meekly accepted her orders but he saw the large dominant black man on the TV out of the corner of his eye and something just told him that he needed to go. As he got up he saw Kim prop herself up in the bed and she asked him to "put a different movie in before you go to help me sleep." He was now a little miffed but he put in another tape of black men and white women. As he gently closed her door he could see Kim rubbing herself as she watched the movie. He felt angry on some level that she would prefer these pictures to him. But he also looked down at his puny size and knew that he would never measure up. He was in total confusion. As for Kim she watched the door close and then smiled. The entire scene had played out EXACTLY in the way that Ellie had told her it would. She also knew that J would never have done this. He would be taking her right now. As she slowly fell to sleep her mind was changing. Concern for Rick was turning to desire for J. There was still more work to do.

As the next 6 weeks progressed Kim had been able to get Rick to sleep every night in the guest room. She had even moved some of his clothes in there. She continued the nightly episodes with the porno and continued the little comments. She would ask Rick leading questions like if the size of the man mattered and why women seemed to prefer the black man. He gradually went from disagreeing with her to accepting what seemed to be the reality of things. The end of this inital 6 week period was the moment of the "present". This was a technique that had been shown to really speed up the cuckolding process for reluctant white boys. The event was orchestrated by Ellie. She came over one night and sat with Kim and Rick for about an hour making small talk. Ellie made a point of asking for some wine from Rick and although she was polite she did it it in such a way that it seemed as if she was ordering Rick. The beginning of servant training. Kim looked on in admiration and wondered if she would ever be that subtle and that polished. Finally Ellie said she had to go but before leaving she pulled out a box and said to Kim "Kim. I got you a little present. Now before you say anything to me I will tell you now that I am not going to say where I got it. You can thank me later." Kim laughed out loud and hugged Ellie as she walked out the front door. Rick heard Kim tell her "I bet I can guess what this is." After she left Kim sat down and Rick finally asked her if she was going to open the wrapped box. She smiled and finally did just that. The box opened and she slowly pulled out a large dildo that was totally black and realistic. Kim started laughing and Rick was just confused and upset and finally was able to speak "What the hell is that all about." Kim was laughing and finally responded "Oh. It's kind of a joke. Ellie and I were talking and she said I needed something to help me relax at bedtime. We came up with some ideas and I told her my favorite one. So she said she would make it happen. And here it is. For a moment I thought it was going to be the real thing." Kim was laughing as she picked up the dildo. She seemed to be oblivious to the confused and somewhat hurt expression on Rick's face. She headed to the bedroom and said to Rick "Well. I guess it's time to get to know my new bedtime partner." She slowly shut the door behind her and took a deep breath. All of the talk had been planned for the maximal effect. Rick's reaction had been exactly as had been predicted. She now had to just wait for the reaction. She knew that this would be one of the biggest moments in his breaking. If he stepped aside for a black dildo he would certainly accept what Kim had planned for him. Total cuckolding. The total absence of sex for him. Justice meets reality.

That night Kim slowly placed the black dildo in her mouth and then worked it into her vagina. An organ not used to size like this. All she could think of was the meeting the following weekend with TAO. She would see J again. Ellie had been joking but all Kim could think of was going down on J. Worshipping him and doing all she could to please him. She fell asleep thinking about what she could wear or do to try and seduce this man who could have literally any woman in the city he wanted. Thoughts of Rick had faded. As for Rick, he had been left in the living room and had seen the note from Ellie that Kim had deliberately left behind. He read it and had to sit down and think about things. It merely said "To Kim. this was modeled on an AVERAGE man. Sorry it's plastic but here is hoping it fills the void. Love Ellie". The meaning was clear and Rick could not help but reach down to his tiny cock. To his amazement it was rock hard. He had much to think about as he wandered into the guest room knowing Kim had chosen a piece of black plastic over him.

End of Part 5