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Thanksgiving Cuckolding

My wife, bull and me had Thanksgiving just the three of us. Before bull came over to our place, he instructed me to wear nothing but my shirt which said "white cuckold wimp" and my chastity device (which I was already locked in).

wife and I made dinner, and then bull came over. We had a nice meal. Afterwards, bull instructed me to lick my wife's pussy to get it ready for his big dick. I licked my wife's pussy for a long time until she came on my face. Bull then pushed me aside and mounted her.

after he came in her twice, he ordered me to lick her pussy and clean her. I gladly cleaned her and she had another orgasm.

I then asked him if I could cum (he's the keyholder). He refused, saying I hadn't been locked long enough. Then he ordered me out of the bedroom and he and wife needed rest.