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Tell me what you think ..

Little about us , married 10 yrs second marriage for both of us.
Mid to later 40s ..
She has only had few men her whole life ..
She has allways been a tease, and enjoys getting men to hit on her .
We have been talking dirty for yrs big turn on for her , hell for us ..
She is into hearing me tell her about past lovers I have had and the dirtiest ones are the ones that are her most favorite .
She has allways enjoyed the time me and a black friend had sex with another friend and his wife ..
which brings us to the present day
For couple yrs been talking about other guys haveing her and me watching . recentlyIts been more about a BBC she loves this ..
So I have now been sending her texts ever day showing her bbc in white pussy and being taken.or anything showing wives haveing sex in front of there husbands..
And now this last few weeks to a month I have taken more of a controlling roll making her to tell me she is my bad girl ,whore, slut , and
What she needs wants etc.
BBC is what she turns to each and every time,
Now I start there and stay there and we only talk about this fantasy only ..
plus now I keep telling her im settling up a meeting with bbc and she says yes but as the days get closer of meeting she starts getting nervous and cold feet ..
I don't want to force her but I believe she wants me to ..

Little note she and I are new hear we really like this site she says its great knowing theres many people into same as us ..
So is she ready ?? What you think ?
Thanks I really believe so its been yrs getting to this point ..
She has a huge black dong that I bought her and its used alot lol ..
She gets crazy with me talking to her about watching , seeing her taken by a thick long bbc ..
You are right to stop forcing her. The steps to becoming a good cuckold are:

1. You present the idea
2. She likes it, but hesitates to go beyond fantasy
3. Let HER take control. She owns you because "this was your idea"
4. Be supportive, don't show a hint of jealousy and tell her how much it turns you on. She starts out doing this "for you"
5. Continue to support and watch her gain more experience. You may be eager to get her to admit that she is doing this for herself as much as for you but forcing that could cause her to feel guilty about it. Let her play and always remind her that what she is doing is so hot
6. She is finally comfortable. Having sex with other men makes her feel sexy and empowered and she hasn't had to worry about your jealousy. She will open up to you in ways you never thought possible!
7. Slutwife, Cuckoldress. Thru your support she is ultimately confident in her sexuality. A lot of us only play "when it's convenient" but if you reach this step your wife has taken on extramarital sex as a very frequent hobby. She may pursue a lot of strange cock, maybe have longer term lovers or even possibly a boyfriend. It is now up to HER and you continue to support her.

I'm on step 5, almost 6. This journey is amazing, love every second of it!