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Tampa BBC Nightclubs or Bars for Cuckold Couples?

Needing a more accessible Bull for playtime. Looking for a place where we can meet and talk with guys as we are very outgoing, attractive and fun. We have had quite a bit of fun with our Bull for the past few years but he is not as available as we would like due to his schedule. Looking for someone that is professional and very muscular that would like a long term thing with us as we do not jump from person to person.
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Those many places full of white business women at 5:30 - 7 pm are gold mines for an attractive black man. But the opposite, a club, loaded with blackmen competing with each other, is going to be slim pickings for the guy. Or does a white couple need to venture where black women party?


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My wife Nancy loves going to Whiskey Joe's on the 60 causeway .........very popular bar for black men she always meets guys there!
I looked up that place too. Seems like another bad ass beach bar in Florida . I feel like it has more to do with your wife being sexy that she's a black magnet, lol. Feel like she'd probably get hit on anywhere she goes. Is it really a hotspot like that