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Summer Class


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I was spending the summer away from the city and my husband in my hometown and taking a class at the local college. No one in the class was particularly interesting except for one guy. He was gorgeous. Dark eyes, well-groomed facial hair, well sculpted body but not bulky, and black to boot. I was extremely surprised when he asked for my number after class on the first day, you see I'm always the "married" girl and it seems to catch guys off. We hit it off as friends, we hung out and studied together - it seems he wasn't as good at accounting as chemistry or computing. I didn't have much else to do so he and I would watch movies at his place and flirt, but I had a husband so nothing happened for the first couple of weeks.

One night we were drinking beers and watching a movie on his computer. I was wearing a strappy dress that pushed my large breasts together and was also short enough to highlight my legs. As we worked our way through the first six-pack the flirting got more intense. At some point his hand was on my leg and I couldn't bring myself to move it, I wanted him so badly. He got down on his knees and kissed and massaged his way up my leg, giving me a look of mischief and ending with a brow wrinkle and pleading puppy eyes when he got to the top of my dress. He said it wouldn't be cheating if he didn't kiss my mouth or fuck me, right? I could feel his breathing and was still tingling where he had kisses my thigh. I didn't stop him and he started to kiss over my panties, moving them to the side and beginning to really work his way over and around my clit and sticking his tongue into my pussy. It was blissful heaven. I was so horny I pulled him by his hair to my face so I could kiss him and feel his body against mine. We made out for a while, him fingering me and me finding his huge gorgeous cock. He sucked on my nipples and teased them until they were aching. I sucked his big, black cock as if it were a popsicle and I was in the middle of the desert. I was greedy for more and wasn't going to stop until I had it all.

We moved to the bed and proceeded to fuck like crazy. It was a very humid summer and we were slipping on each other because we were so sweaty. His hot and hard cock sliding on my clit was intensely erotic and I liked it there almost as much as I liked it hitting places inside me I didn't even know existed. I moaned and yelled into the pillow, it felt so incredible to have him pumping into me so viciously. We'd look into each others eyes and it was like nothing else mattered but him being in me. I lost count how many times his tongue and cock brought me to orgasm that night, I felt like I couldn't go on and he would come and then we'd lie there and talk or just enjoy touching. We'd touch so much his cock would get hard again and we'd fuck again because I needed his dick - it made me so horny. This went on for hours and I went home sweaty, sore, and completely satisfied.

We fucked for the rest of the summer and a half after that night. My husband has no idea what a black cock slut I had become.