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submissive servant of the Polish

Hello. My name is Sebastian and I live in Poland. I am 21 years old. I am totally submissive female and alpha male - my masters. I want to devote myself to serve women and its a black man. From year to run the company in the future to build my mistress house and provide large wardrobe of sexy clothes and shoes as well as providing comfortable total life. I am a wimp and has always dreamed of such a lifestyle. I want to be ridiculed, humiliated, bullied and beaten as punishment. I want to be for a woman footstool, cleaning lady, a chauffeur, a toy or even a male hooker for her contentment. I would add that I am emotionally mature, and I'm sure that I want to live in such a relationship.
We are happy to talk with masters and women and even agree to a virtual tresure.
Also looking for a woman - the princess who loves sex with alpha males and femdom.