sub cuck new to the cuckold life style

just started dressing up for my gf recently. she thinks I'm so beautiful now. She's so happy with me now that I greet her dressed as a sissy. I'm sure it helps that I'm on my knees holding a martini for her too. She does what she likes to me which usually consist of spanking me, teasing me with her beautiful body that I can never touch, and fucking me with her huge strap on. She recently told me that since I'm ready to serve her now she's ready to fuck another man in front of me while I'm dressed up in a frilly sissy maid outfit. I think she is enjoying this way too much and fear how humiliated I will be in the future. Time will tell, but I love her so whats a sissy to do but accept it. She wanted me to find someone to fuck her. any offers? Atlanta GA?