Story idea

I want to submit this story to a site to get it made but I wanted to get some input first

The story follows 3 girls (Gracie,Melissa and Brittany) 1 Asian 1 Hispanic and 1 white (although that may change) none of the 3 girls has been with a black male and they all have white boyfriends, during college break they decide to drive to Florida and meet there boyfriends down there, unfortunately the car they are driving down there in breaks down in Atlanta fortunately an older black man says he can repair the vehicle and they can stay at his place until its repaired

I still have some kinks to work out in the idea, but I wanted to ask some questions

Should the girls have the one stud? Or more than that?

Should they resist BBC first? Or dive right in?

Should the older black man break them in or a few young studs?

Should they get queen of spades tattoos? Any body modifications like breast implants?

All answers are appreciated


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More than one.
Resistance at first.
older man introduce them to the young studs. They eventually show their appreciation/
No tats or implants. too typical. I like my q of s pendant myself.