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Steve's Choice...


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Agatha had always wanted to have herself a baby; so too did her boyfriend Steve. However she never knew about the secret life her BF had been living ever since she moved in with him into his condo apartment.

Steve is a stock broker, and when he isn't buying or selling stocks online, he spends a lot of hours on his laptop or iPhone reading up the latest erotic stories on sites such as Literotica and Dark Wanderer. He got hooked on the interracial ones and would spend as much time as he could wading through hundreds of stories posted there in search of anyone that bore what he was looking for: about Black bulls fucking and impregnating white sluts. Such stories are often hard to come by online, but he knows a writer or two who specialize in such … and it was to his amazement when he began chatting with one of such writers that he got to discover that such was something the Bull actually did in his spare time.

The Black man smiled and told him he would love to be the man to make his dreams come through. They shook hands like friends and talked about how the mission was going to get carried out. Steve realized he had a lot of work to do: he had to find means of convincing Agatha to not only sleep with a Black man, but also to get impregnated by one. They'd long talked about raising a family soon, and Steve already had plans of getting hitched to her - he loved her so much and nothing would fulfill his mind more than seeing this dream of his come alive…

It wasn't easy: Steve had to basically bite his teeth months later when he sat down to recall how much begging, prodding, pleading and subtle suggestions he made to get his girlfriend Aggie to be generous towards his plight. Weeks went past and the more he seemed to talk to his girlfriend about doing this, the more she seemed to draw away from him. It got to a point where he was practically bribing her with just about anything. Sure, she knew about his stash of porn, and the erotic interracial websites he frequented whenever he was less busy to attend to her needs, but she always saw it as childish stuff he would one day outgrow. Deep in her mind she was equally amused by it all. It wasn't until a month later when he'd just about stopped asking her about it that finally she one night brought the subject up.

They had been to a friend's party earlier in the evening and they'd returned home nearly drunk, or rather Aggie was smashed and when in bed she'd brought up the subject about watching one of his porn flicks with him. Steve couldn't believe his ears when he popped in one of his interracial DVDs and they both got naked in bed and she allowed him to eat her pussy … it was then she decided she was going to grant him his wish.

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