Someone knowledge?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by herodoto, Apr 2, 2013.

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    nobody knows her name or if she has any website?
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    Dude... Get over it.

    I don't know her name nor if she had a site. Like most swinger related media, she did have some pictures and about four videos.

    If you want her porn, to and find a thread run by a guy named "Nitobe" called "Interracial Amateur Cuckolding". I don't know where (I saw that couple's IR videos there a year back when I was porn trolling) in the thread it is at, yet he has posted those. That thread has a mirror on PornBB and other sites too. Different names, same content and always owned by Nitobe. You will find the pics and videos if you look at all the screen previews upped. That might take you a few hours.


    That is under the "Real Wives - Cuckold - Interracial - Gangbangs" thread of Nitobe on Planet Suzy.

    I am a guy so I likes me some pr0n. Sure I scope it out many a time. That said, brother, trust me when I tell you don't get into that crap of being the guy who flips out and "needs to see that video from such and such girl" and so forth. If you never see it, you will be 100% and your life will go on.You don't need to see that random girl fucking on video tape.

    Get more ass in person. Date more. Pron is fun but don't obsess to the point you 'have to find' one fucking scene of one random girl. Let it go... It is just a video of some people having sex. Nice? Yeah. Will it change your world or make your life a better experience for having viewed it? HELL NO!
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    herodoto ... go to the "One Click Chicks" forum, (its a pic only site, and its free & safe), and post a pic of her in the amateur section; there are literally hundreds of pics of her there. Ask for them to give you the links.
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