Should a wife try this first?

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    My wife had a dream a few weeks ago and over the weekend I heard her share it with a friend of hers who is the instrumental in trying to get her to try large black men.

    The dream was that she was a virgin and wanted to lose her virginity. She told this to her friend who said she had the perfect plan. Her friend invited her over to her house on Saturday morning for brunch. When she arrived her friend took her to her bedroom where her husband was waiting for them. Her friend presented her to her husband and he proceeded to strip her and take her in there bed. After my wife said her response was that it was wonderful and that she couldn't have imagined losing her virginity any other way. Her friend said that it was just the beginning. That he was not near good enough for her to claim she was not a virgin yet.

    She said in the dream they got dressed and went out and met with several of her friends BBC friends. In the end she told her that she had her spend time with her husband in preparation for what she would get later. She said she knew that a virgin would never be able to take and enjoy a true BBC for her first without some extra lubrication to assist.

    After sharing her dream, they continued to talk about ways to help her enjoy her first time. I thought I would write and ask the members what they thought about the idea of using their husband to help getting a woman ready to take their first BBC. Would you use a husband or would it be better to use some toys to help stretch the body? What do you all think?
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    My wife has had three children so when we decided to try a black cock she was almost ready to take a huge cock and over the years I have opened her up in several ways ,so when the day it happened she was ready and it did not take long for him to go deep and stretch her even moor ,so to answer your question you should help her to get used to larger toys ,and it good fun doing it anyway ,and by the sound of your story she is ready to try a huge black cock ,good luck and you wont be disappointed.
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    I have given my husband a few lady friends. One was even a virgin. He was wonderful to them and for them. One friend comes into town regularly to visit my husband now, but she also goes out with me and my friends as well so maybe it's not my hubby she visits for.

    It has been my experience after two kiddos that a woman's body can adjust to almost anything. But, the idea of using him as a natural lube works quite well. If he fills you enough it is almost like a time release, the hornier you get the more his cum is released for lub.

    Such a hot thought though, using your husband to break in virgins on there way to BBC.
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