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She hasn't come around yet, but i hope she will!

would you hit it?

  • yes, definately

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  • no, sorry

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This is my wife who i've been trying to convince to see the light and try bbc which i know she will love. She is very unsure whether to try or not. I know she'll love it if she just gives it a chance.
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Be careful what you are asking or seeking to get your wife blacked. Once your wife is blacked there is no return of going back. You cannot rewind, undo or reverse a path of no return.

This is mostly a male fantasy, where some of us think, fantasize and dream about having our wives/girlfriends being blacked. Chances are you may lose your wife and she will never come back or your lives will never be the same.

I wouldn't share my wife or girlfriend with anyone. I like to drink my water crisp clean and untouched.