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My wife is a very beautiful and sexy woman that I brought home from Italy. She was always getting propositions, which she usually ignored. But, one guy she knew through her job, a tall, handsome black man, became friends with her and he invited her out for dinner, which she thought was innocent enough. I said it would be okay. However, when she got home five hours later around midnight, I noticed she was drunk. She can get very sexual when she is drunk. I also noticed her bra was undone under her dress. I suddenly got very excited and wanted to hear all the details. She said she had a little too much to drink and got excited so, on the way home, she talked about sex and asked him about his sex life. The next thing she knew, instead of going home, they parked and he started kissing her. Before long, he had his hands all over her. After a few minutes of this, she gave him oral sex. After hearing about the size of his cock we had some great sex that night.

A few days later, he asked her out again and she asked me what I thought. I told her not to go any further than before. Once again when she got home, she told me how she sucked his big dick, after which we had some great sex. This happened several more times and my fantasies got more exciting each time. I told her that if she lets me know before she takes it any further, then maybe it would be okay.

The following Friday night, she went out with him again looking very sexy. I wanted to have her then and there, and I figured that her black stud would too. Sure enough, about ten o’clock, she called me and asked what I would do if she went all the way. They had already parked and after their usual petting, he begged to fuck her. She said that she wanted to go to the bathroom (which is where she called me from), but would think about it. I told her that she would have to tell me all the details.

My heart was pounding and my manhood was already excited at the sound of the phone ringing. The next several hours were filled with fantasies of her and this other guy. I could not stop thinking about the fantastic sex they was about to experience. When she got home, I quickly took her to bed and made her tell me play by play. She related how they had made love to one another. After she finished her story, it didn't take long before she was with me. She called out his name, and hearing this, I immediately succumbed to the excitement of it.

From then on at least once a week, she would meet him and have sex. She would discreetly call me before they would do it, so I could imagine what they were up to. Upon her return, she and I would have hot sex. One weekend she went on a trip with him and I couldn't sleep the whole time. But as soon she was home, I was once again doing her.

Sometimes she would meet him on a Saturday morning, and I couldn't help but to have her first. He never knew, even though he knew we were married. Another time, I was at work and I called her on her cell phone. She thought she had hung up on me, but the phone was still connected. She apparently put it in her open purse because the sound was somewhat muffled, but I could hear the sounds of their lovemaking. I could hear her again call out his name. I had a hard time finishing my work that day, and rushed home to have her. I then asked her to let me hear their lovemaking more often. She would call me when they were on the way, and then again while in his room or at the hotel. She would then set her phone down on her side of the bed.

She never intended to stay with him permanently and finally one day several months ago, they had an argument and she told him it was over and stopped seeing him. I am glad of that, for there was also a jealousy that I didn't like when we were not hot and excited over this game. But many times when we are in bed, I still get her to tell me the stories, or I relate what I could hear over the phone, and we make hot passionate love!

She says she doesn't really miss him, but she does miss his huge cock. We plan to do this again, but next time she won't get so involved with her other man.

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