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I recently finished work on an erotic story and usually what happened whenever I'm done working on an novel is I fall into some type of depression. It varies when it happens. Sometimes it comes to me the minute I've typed the familiar words 'The End', and sometimes it leaves me alone and rears its head the day after. I can feel its shadow creeping up on me right now. I wasn't meant to come online today and make this post, but I reckon you all would be anxious to further reading after the recent ones I've posted.

I last talked about 'Being Black-Owned', and wanted to lay emphasis on how this segment of cuckolding can be beneficial to a couple. There were some major points I however didn't touch on. Not like I wanted to, but it would have sent me yapping and yapping and never really settling on something.

To make my point clear once again - if by any chance I got misunderstood the last time - there aren't any set rules as regards how a couple might want to approach cuckoldry. Everything comes down to how the wife and hubby want it to be, as well what their black bull is apt to throw into the picture. Once the couple have decided upon this, everything gets left to the wife and her lover to continue from there.

This segment, I'm going to call it Sex-Us, and it's going to comprise of three articles: the wife, the hubby, and the third being the lonely white boi wanting to connect with someone … or if by chance he already has someone already and wants to get her involved in this. There's plenty of you out there, I know. I've ignored a lot of you for a long time and will find time to talk about you as well in here.

First, I'll start with the White Wife.

Again, once I say 'white wife', it's not to say that I don't include Asian women or Latinos or even Black women. All women are included in here. Don't care if you're an alien species here to spawn and breed, this too is for you.

There's the question that puzzles all men when it comes to women: What do women want?

I don't know and I'm not here to answer that; even God wouldn't know. But I will paraphrase Chris Rock whom when asked that question gave back a simple answer: EVERYTHING!

Women want the best in life, and I guess it’s a right that ought to be acquainted with them, since after all neither myself or any of you would be here reading this nonsense I'm writing if we all didn't come out of a woman. Women want the best life, the best home, the best husband (good luck finding him) … and want the best sex. Sex is the spoiler that's always been accorded to women from time immemorial, but rather than the world making it seem like a blessing, it's always been like a noose around the neck of women. Religion and society has always attempted to sequester the woman to a familiar portion of where she ought to be and where to belong, as well what to do with that se of hers that keeps tempting men to take a bite off the forbidden apple. Fast-forward from the 19th century when universal suffrage was granted to them to the present where the internet is in our bedrooms, it's hard for a woman to just be a mere woman anymore.

Sex is not what we once all thought it used to be. The net has changed a lot of that, and we too have changed. We've all bitten from the apple and we're no longer at ease. A lot of us have moved forward, but a lot of women haven't. There's still a large number of women out there (some even reading this article right now), who're yet to carve out for themselves exactly what sex means to them. Such women are still struggling with the past, or with traumas that affected their lives at one point in time and now they do nothing but sit on a fence too scared to go forward and too frightened to want to go back … even as they know they can't.

We're in the 21 century, but you look at things carefully and you'll realize our attitude towards such things as sex is still stuck in the Victorian era. And even back then it was a lot better compared to now. Back then we knew they fooled around … they just didn't have the net to let us view the pics, and the movies were yet to be invented. A lot of women still suffer from the malaise of what they have right now against what they really, really desire. As there's almost a free-for-all range of sex just a click of a button away, it does little for plenty of women who still get to fight back the feeling of wanting to have a taste of it. Convincing their spouses too about such resolve is another even harder mountain to climb.

In the past I've often focused on talking about hubbies trying to convince their wives about getting a black lover … or her getting to cuck him. Part of what I've said as well can be turned the other way around for the women, except a lot of them haven't got that type of resolve as us men are known to have. A woman's got to think about a lot of things: How will hubby take it when I tell him about it?How well is it going to change me?What will happen if/when the kids find out?What if I happen to fall in love with the guy?

A couple that plays together, most often stays together. Such is a line I've often quoted, and it's only true up to an extent. I can't speak for a hundred percent of couples about this, and I'm not going to try. Cuckoldry, like everything else, starts with how well one approaches it. You might wait for when the timing is right - when you reckon the sun is at its zenith before you begin, but it don't matter. One way or another, its high time a lot of women reading this start facing the reality of what's happening to them and of whether they're going to do something about it or not.

If you're married, and you're well aware that sex with your hubby has gotten from shitty to less than zero in the past year. You know it, and he too knows it, except you're both scared of talking about the elephant in the room, my advice to you right now is not to wait anymore: TALK ABOUT IT WITH HIM.

The truth sure hurts, so too does reality, but think of the box of matches its bound to save you just to light up a camp fire. Sure, a lot of hubbies generally aren't going to be happy about their wives telling them of how sick and tired she is of their marriage, and of her need for good sex (I won't lie, I too would feel hurt if my woman came and said that to me), but I'll at least respect her for bringing it to my notice than waiting to hear of finding out about her cheating behind her man's back. It's hurtful enough when your woman says you're bad in bed than when you find out she's getting the best type of sex from a fella down the street and you can't do nothing about it (we'll talk about this in the hubby's episode), but that's reality for you. It's like a shark and it's got a terrible bite.

This is the point when you both have to come together as a couple to work this out. It's simple: you love her, and she loves you; she wants something, but it's something you can't give it to her … she's got someone in mind who can give it to her. She wants to know how you’re going to feel about it: you can get angry or you can decide to see if things are worth salvageable. I'd go with the salvageable part.

No woman wants to wake up one more and finds that she no longer has a life anymore. The kids have grown, life for her has settled into a something dull and lonely groove of her and hubby living life as if they're stuck in a retirement home. A lot of hubbies might not come to notice this not until it's too late … however there's some out there who do and would love nothing but to turn their wives' lives around. It's hard getting some wives to respond to this calling. Such is why I like taking my time and patience getting some wives to respond. It's hard getting some wives to let go of that comfort they've gotten too used to. And to look past the shadow of society almost always telling them how to live their lives …

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