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Sex story(ies) ...


Real Person
"Random Thoughts 1"
As I walk into the house, hear you in the kitchen singing the songs from upstairs. I come around the corner to see you there standing dancing, shaking that lovely thick ass left to right, right to left, rocking side to side as you sing. As I watch your body move it turns me on as I walk up on you and kiss the back of you neck and whisper,"I miss you". You moan and say< "I miss you too daddy" as you grab my head. I pick you up on the counter top and keep kissing all over you as you moan in pleasure. I stop and look you in your eyes as I see how wet my pussy is. You rub it as you rub my cock from the outside of the pants. I start to get hard and I say "Shower?. you smile as you get down and walk so sexy and seductively up the stairs and once in the bathroom. You strip me naked bit by bit as you take of your short to reveal those 44 double F cups and start the shower and step in. As I watch the wet caress every curve, those thick thighs and 58" ass and that lovely face you bare. I get in with you as you wash me down, getting everyway and rinse me off. You grab my balls and kiss me as you leave a trail on down as you suck my dick. You suck and suck gag and gag deep throating as much as you can and moaning as much as possible. I move our hand and hold you head and fuck your mouth, as you rub my clit. I put you on the wall and fuck your mouth more before picking you up and getting down to lick my pussy. I kiss lick and suck getting every bit of pussy in my mouth before I start. As you moan, cry, grab my head the shower rod and scream. You shake and cum all in my mouth over and over as I lick faster an faster and suck my clit. I put your leg down and turn you around and shove my throbbing dick deep inside you as you cry out in a pleasurable pain. I feel every bit of juice drip out of you as I plug you harder, deeper and start playing with your asshole with my thumb as I ram my dick inside. I put my thumb inside and keep banging and banging as I slow down but get deeper and grind deep inside as you shake and cum. Yelling grabbing and screaming taking every inch of my dick. You squirt and I force myself inside as you came and keep fu cking both holes as I keep you cumming as I'm holding you up on the wall. And I feel the urge to nut so i shove as Deep as I can and shoot deep inside you and hold there for a moment as I grind inside you ....I take my thumb out and slap that ass and kiss you as you hold the wall with the last bit of energy you have......and that my friends is part one