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Session #2


All you're wearing is a fishnet body stocking. The crotchless kind that has holes for your tits to be exposed. You smile down at me as I slip your heels on.

I fasten your wrist cuffs and pull the mask down over your eyes. Kissing you, I stand you up and walk you to the chain which dangles from a hook embedded in the ceiling. I raise your hands up and attach the clip to the end of the chain.

My cock aches. It's unused to the device I'm wearing. I wait at the door for him to knock.

It seems like an eternity, and I want to say something or ask you if you're uncomfortable at all. But I don't. We're in the game now and I don't want to ruin the mood.

I answer the door promptly when he knocks. He steps in and glances down at me where I kneel, sitting on my heels with my caged cock on display.

He chuckles, a deep not unfriendly sound, and uses his foot to move my cock back and forth. After his brief inspection he says "you may undress me."

I start with his shoes. I place his socks very neatly in each shoe. As I unbuckle his belt he tells me to pull it off his waist and put it in his hand. I do. I unbutton his pants and unzip him. Pulling down his pants he steps out of each leg. I fold them neatly and place them on a side table. When I turn back, he has already unbuttoned his shirt and is shrugging out of it. I rush over, but it hits the floor before I get there. As I kneel to retrieve it, I can hear the belt rushing through the air before I feel it hit my ass. I freeze, on my knees, hunched over, his shirt clutched to my chest and my head almost touching the floor as the belt hits me four more times.

In the silence that follows I can hear the sharp intake of your breath and see you squirm slightly. "continue," he says. I do.

I fold his shirt neatly and place it with his pants. I kneel before him and as my fingers curl into the waistline of his underwear he puts his free hand behind my head and crushes my face into his crotch.

I can feel his thickening cock press against my face. I open my mouth and breathe hot air throughout the fabric as my lips cup his cock. He holds my head in place and gently rolls his hips for a moment, making a pleased sound in his throat.

He continues to hold my head there as I pull his his underwear down. As i finally work it past my face his cock flops down across my cheek, the base of his cock being held in place by my mouth. He steps out of his underwear one foot at a time as I work my tongue back and forth in my mouth, my saliva dripping down and making his balls wet. I fold them and when I'm done he release my head. I remain in place as he steps back. His cock drags across my open mouth and hangs, glistening between his legs. I put them with his pants and shirt.

He lays his belt on the table that holds all of his tools. He runs his hand along them until he selects his riding crop. Stepping closer to you, he runs the tip of it from the back of your calf, up the inside of your thigh and then let's it come to rest right at the top of the crack of your ass.

I see a tremor run through you as the tip lifts. He holds... And then, without warning he brings it expertly to the back of your thigh with a loud crack. "one", you say, your voice cracking.

He starts the tip at the back of your other thigh and follows the same trail, until the tip rests in the same spot.

Once again he pulls it away, but this time there is no wait. He brings it down on your ass cheek and you cry out ,"two!"

He uses the rough edge of the tip to leave red lines in your ass as he drags it across, from one cheek to the other. Every time he completes a line he smacks you with it, leaving a mark at the end, like the exclamation point at the end of a sentence. "three, four , five, six..." you continue to count out each slap.

He dangles the crop from his hand and I spring forward to catch it just before it hits the floor. I actually dove for it, and in doing so am now lying face down on the floor with the chastity device pushing painfully into my groin.

He moves to his table and selects two clothes pins. He walks softly towards you and grabbing one of your nipples in between his fingers, pulls you suddenly forward into him.

You can feel his cock hanging between his legs, pressing into your belly. He roughly kisses your mouth, your body still being pulled toward him by your nipple. He pulls his mouth away from yours and I can see him grin as he clips the clothes pin to your other nipple.

He let's go of you and steps back, just watching as you adjust to the new sensation. As you start to calm he attaches the other clothes pin to your other nipple.

He walks to me and tells me to kneel. I move to my knees being very careful to never let his riding crop touch the floor. He takes it from me and placing the tip under my chin he tilts my head back. Stepping forward, he pushes me down so that I'm sitting back onto my feet, Japanese style.

He moves forward, the head of his cock dragging over my face until his balls sit on my lips. He takes his cock in his hand and slaps my face with it. It's heavy, and it hurts, but I don't make a sound. He grins down at me as he slowly steps away. His cock leaves a slick trail of precum running from my forehead to my chin.

Stepping back away from me he moves to you and uses the tip of the riding crop to play with the clothes pins sticking straight out from your nipples. He then taps it against your inner thigh, and you spread your legs obediently. He runs the tip in an arc from ankle to ankle and you moan as it brushes against your clit.

He drops it down between your legs and then brings it up suddenly, and hits your clit solidly. Your whole body stiffens and your head snaps back. You flush and I can tell you've just had an intense orgasm. Before you've recovered, he uses the rod of the crop to start whipping your ass hard. Seven times. The marks left this time have completely erased the lighter marks he left earlier with the tip. "forget something?" he asks you. "seven!" you cry out. "that's right."

He moves to me and holds out his crop, I take it from him. His cock is thick and looks like it's throbbing as hard as mine at this point. A thick pearl of his pre cum oozes at the tip of it.

He watches me looking at it. I look into his eyes and he nods. I stick my tongue out and lick the drop off. As I pull my tongue into my mouth a string of his cum runs between the head of his cock and my lips. I open my mouth and gently take the head into my mouth. I just hold it there and run my tongue in circles.

"put away my crop and remove her shoes."

As I move to kneel at your feet, I look up and see that your pussy is so wet that for a moment, I thought you had peed. Your pussy juice is actually running down your leg and has reached the spot right above your knee.

I resist the urge to lick the trail up your thigh and start to unbuckle your shoe. As I take it off, I realize that you'll have to stand on your toes because of how high up the chain is holding you. I remove the other shoe and you have to adjust your stance to have both feet touch.

I scoot back away from you on my knees, holding your shoes and see that he's selected a sturdy looking leather paddle from his table. He points to the table where his clothes are. "on the floor, underneath."

As I move over to place the shoes, I hear the paddle hit your ass for the first time. "eight!" you say. I turn to see that the force of the blow has actually started you turning slowly on the toes of one foot.

As your ass comes back into view, I can see he hit you on the right cheek. He brings the paddle down sharply with a back hand blow on your left cheek this time. "nine!" He waits as you slowly rotate in the opposite direction.


The grin on his face grows more sharp and cruel as he rains solid blows down on your tender, now extremely red, ass cheeks.

I think I see tears running down from under your mask as you continue to count out loud.


He pauses for a moment. As you turn on your toes, he steps to you suddenly as you are facing him and grabs your ass with his free hand and pulls you to him, crushing your clipped nipples to his chest. He pushes your head back with the paddle under your chin and gently licks a tear track up your face. Then he gently kisses you. I can see him pushing his tongue into your mouth and you wrapping your lips around it and sucking his tongue.

He slaps your ass with his hand loudly and you say "twenty-six" around his tongue in your mouth.

He pulls the clothes pins off roughly without opening them. Your nipples are stretched and pulled, making you cry out. When they're both off he sucks first one and then the other into his mouth and it looks like he's actually chewing on them.

He reaches up and unclips you from the chain. He leads you to the bench and pushes you to your knees in front of it. Bending you over it he unclips your cuffs from one another and attaches them to the bench.

The bench holds you in place, with your head down and your ass high. He clips your ankles onto a spreader bar to keep your legs open. He calls it the 'breeding bench'.

He sends me to the freezer where I find several bottles of water, frozen solid. I bring one to him, curiosity peaked. I notice that he's lit two candles and placed them on the table next to the bench.

He takes a razor from his table and uses it to slice the bottle open, exposing a solid tube of ice. He dips the ice down into a bowl of water and says, "I call this 'Fire and Ice'."

He pushes the tube of ice all the way into your pussy. As your lips close over the ice, you groan and shudder through a long orgasm.

He takes the candles in his hands and let's a rivulet of hot wax drip from one on to your ass cheek. As he tips that candle up to let some molten wax build up, he tips the other candle, letting more wax drip down. By this time there's more in the other candle and he repeats the process. Over and over. Making sure that each drop hits flesh as much as possible.

I watch in awe as he coats your ass in wax. It drips down and splashes and forms little pools. It falls down the back of your thighs and gets into all the little spaces of your fishnet. I look at your pussy and see water steadily dripping out of it as the ice melts.

He puts the candles on the table and blows them out. "clean her" he says. I move to you and run my hand over your ass gently, feeling all the wax built up there. I start by pulling the body stocking away from your skin anywhere the wax is holding it in place. Then I just start pulling it off. When I have your ass clear of wax he walks over and un clips you from the bench. "fetch me that bowl"

I return with the bowl and he pulls you up and has you squat over the bowl. The water really pours out of your pussy and into the bowl. A sizable chunk of ice falls in with a plop. When nothing else comes he motions for me to pick up the bowl. He kneels you down and takes the bowl. He places it on the floor in front of you and pushes your face down to it. "drink it", he says. You start to suck it into your mouth and he stops you. "like a dog."

You lick at it, lapping it up. This water that's from a large 'ice cock' that just poured out of your pussy.

When you've emptied the bowl, he brings you back into a kneeling posture. He puts both of his hands on your head, wrapping his fingers into your hair. He moves your head so that the tip of his cock is pushing at your lips. "open... Wide" he says.

When you've complied, he just starts fucking your face. Running it in as far as he can and pulling it back out. Over and over. Slowly, you start relaxing to the inevitability of this thick long cock fucking your throat.

He just keeps sawing his cock back and forth, in and out. Pushing just a little deeper every time. Spit and precum are dripping down off your chin and covering your tits. Soon his balls hit your chin, but he never stops. He just keeps fucking your throat. All in and all out with every stroke.

I'm so proud of you that you only raised your hands up once to try and control his fucking motion. They fluttered up and you quickly put them behind your back.

At last, his strokes get faster and his moaning louder. He thrusts all the way in and I can tell he's cumming. Right into your stomach. When he's done he pulls out and sits back in his chair. "lick her clean," he tells me.

I start with your tits. I lick them clean with long slow swipes of my tongue. Moving up your chest, your neck, your chin. I lick all around your mouth and run my tongue in between your barely parted lips. You make no move to kiss me, he hasn't given you permission to do so. Your hands are still behind your back.

He tells me to lay on my back with my mouth under your pussy. The position we're in would allow us to 69 one another and I'm excited at the prospect of having my cock played with by you, even though my device will keep me from achieving an erection and cumming.

He walks behind you and stands with his hands on your shoulders. His now semi-soft cock hangs down into your hair and presses against the back of your head.

I stare up at your glistening pussy and wait for the chance to taste you. And then he says something that I wasn't expecting.

"piss on him."

You barely hesitate before piss starts raining down onto my face. I close my eyes and mouth quickly, but some runs up my nose and I choke a bit.

As you finish, he uses your shoulders to press you down and back, your pussy grinding against my face, smothering me. He uses his hand to flop his cock up onto your head and then tilts your head back. His cock sits on your face, to the side of your nose. The head of his cock actually touches the corner of your mouth and unbidden you lick it. He raises you up a bit, giving me a momentary breath of air, and then shoves you back down onto my face again. My nose is actually pressed up into you and my mouth and tongue are working on your clit.

He steps around in front of you and puts the head of his cock in your mouth. "your turn."

His piss starts filling your mouth and running down your chin. "swallow." you do, but not as fast as he's filling your mouth. Piss is running down your chin and dripping down your chest, all the way down to your crotch and over your clit into my mouth.

When he's done, he just holds still, his cock just sitting there inside your mouth. He reaches down with both hands and squeezes your nipples. Just firm at first, pulling and squeezing. Then he really clamps down. You keep his cock in your mouth, softly.

He chuckles and pops his cock out and pulls you up on your knees by your nipples. He hits me in the ribs with his heel and tells me to go wait at the door.

I kneel at the door as he re attaches your cuffs to the breeding bench. He kneels next to you and runs his hand down your back and around the curve of your ass. He sticks three of his fingers into your pussy and starts fucking them in and out of you.

He turns and looks at me as he smashes his fingers into you over and over. He smiles at me as you start cumming. When there's a knock on the door, he says,"open it."

I open it and three very large men come in, stepping past me and greeting him. "close it." he says to me. "come to me." he has me kneel across from him as he keeps fucking you with his fingers.

His friends are undressing and I'm shocked by the size of their cocks. I've seen you take very large objects, but the largest of these three cocks is bigger than even the very large dildo I've used on you.

One of the men moves over to stand behind you and puts his hand behind my head. "suck my dick, little bitch." he snarls at me and shoves his thick cock in my mouth. He bottoms out at my throat and just keeps pushing. "get my shit hard for your wife's cunt. Get my shit hard so we can start wrecking that cunt. We're gonna make her scream tonight. We're gonna fuck her wide open."

He pulls out of my mouth and kneels down. Our master pulls his hand out of your pussy and smears his hand down my face. "put it in her."

I reach down and rub the head of his thick cock up and down you pussy, working the head in between your lips. As soon as he feels your pussy lips fold around the head of his cock he just pushes in. All in. Your cervix barely gives him pause and within seconds his nuts are pressed against your clit and the head of his cock is seated deep inside your womb. He filled you so full so quickly he actually knocked the wind out of you. You gasp for air and he brings his hands down hard on your ass and digs his fingers in, taking full handfuls of your ass. Gripping you tight he starts fucking you brutally. Going As hard as he can, smashing his hips into you with every thrust. The head of his cock just clears out of your cervix with every pull back.

He was right. He's making you scream. I just kneel there next to you, watching as this man fucks you in a way that I am wholly incapable.

The head of my cock rubs against your thigh as this man fucks you like an animal. My cock is leaking fluid like crazy and is making your thigh wet.

He keeps up his pace for what seems like forever. Your voice is hoarse from yelling so much, but you've fallen silent. Just moaning quietly to yourself, repeating "oh fuck, fuck, fuck fuck fuckfuckfuck meeeeeee..." over and over.

He smacks his cock up in to you one last time and grunts, "take that shit, fuckin whore." and unloads his nuts into your womb. "you feel that? You feel that shit?"

"oh god, I do, I do... " you moan, as his cock throbs inside of you, his cum pouring directly into your womb.

"sounds like she's marrying my dick, don't it? Your wife's married to my cock now, little bitch! Ha!" he says, right before he pulls his cock from you. It makes a wet plopping noise at the head pops out of you and a strand of his cum runs between his cock and your pussy.

"next!" he says, laughing and moves away as the guy with the monster sized cock steps up. The head is as big as my fist and I swear his cock is as big as my forearm. He smiles down at me as he kneels behind you and places the head at your gaped pussy.

"oh my god," you say. "that's what they all call me, eventually," he says as he slowly pushes into you.

You start making this sound that sounds like crying and moaning and cumming all at the same time as the head of it pops into you and starts slowly pushing up towards your cervix. He goes so slow, but never backs off. Always pushes forward, never pauses. He doesn't touch you with his hands, just slowly pushes this horse cock into you. When he reaches your cervix, you're panting like you're in labor. He just rocks back and forth with tiny little thrusting movements, opening your cervix to this new size. Then suddenly, he pulls back until just the head is in. And starts fucking you to that depth.

He fucks like that for awhile, ramming up against your cervix with every thrust, softening it, preparing it for the massive head.

I don't know what his signal is. Maybe a softening of your pitch as you moan with every thrust. Maybe it's a feeling of the rim of your cervix giving way to a certain amount of his cock head. Whatever it is, when he makes that final thrust up to your cervix and keeps the pressure up, you give way to him. You let him in, and he just pours it into you. All the way to his nuts.

Your head snaps back and you scream so loudly we all jump. Except for him. He must have known what was going to happen, because when you faint he just holds there inside of you for twenty seconds or so. When you start to stir, he starts raining his massive hands down on your ass. Hard, solid blows that leave his whole hand prints.

Youre actually crying now. Openly weeping and sobbing. He smiles and stops hitting you. He runs his hands down your back from your ass to the back of your neck. He puts his fingers in your mouth and you start sucking. He grabs the back of your head with his other hand and starts rolling his hips, not withdrawing at all, just making small circular motions inside you.

"oh fuck, oh god, so big, please, please, pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.... Ooohhhhhhhh...."

As you start having this very loud long orgasm, he starts to fuck yyou. Only a little bit out at first and then all the way back in. He starts with drawing more and pushing all the way back in, his hips pressed against your ass at the the end of every stroke. He's not smashing his massive cock into you, He's just slowly pulling out and pushing in. Never stopping, always a little further out and then all the way back in.

You're sucking on his fingers and moaning around them. He pulls his hands back and puts them on your hips as his strokes are getting longer and longer.

I just kneel there staring in disbelief as this tree trunk of a cock seems to pull inches of your inner lips out and then pushes back in. With the amount of cock I'm seeing he has to be clearing your cervix and pushing back through, but it doesn't even give him pause.

"tell me about it," he says to you. You start babbling almost incoherently. I can make out words like 'fuck' and 'cock' but I also hear 'pig', 'crunchy' and 'log'.

"what's my name?" he asks softly. "god," you answer after a moment "god, god, godgodgodgodgod, GOD, oh god, my god I love you fucking me, god!"

He looks into my eyes, smiles and winks at me. He pulls back so that just the head is in and puts his hand down to his cock and jacks it back and forth for a minute. Then he cums. With a roar. He just cums and cums. And when he's done he pulls out and I Can only stare in awe at the cavernous gaping hole he's made of your pussy. I can actually see his cum pooling inside of you. He stands up and moves away and our master stands. "my turn," he says and sticking his hand into you, he gets cum out of you and spreads it up onto your asshole, and then smears some on his hard cock.

He crouches behind you on his feet and shoves his cock right up into your ass. You've been fucked so hard and long by such a massive cock, that your ass offers no resistance. As he fucks you, the third man walks over to where I'm kneeling next to you and takes me by the hair. He pulls me around behind you and shoves my face into your extremely gaping cum filled pussy. He just rubs my face all over and our master's balls keep slapping down onto my head and face as I'm used as a rag to clean the cum out of you.

He pulls me back and rubs his cock all over my cum covered face and then shoves my face back against you. He gets behind me and I feel him put his cock head at my ass. He's not gentle. He shoves in and I feel like he's ripping me. He's easily larger than anything I've ever had in my ass and he's not trying to let me get used to him. He's just fucking me. My face is smashed against your pussy and I can feel that he's matching your ass fucking stroke for stroke. He let's go of my head and I drop down onto my elbows. And it's starting to feel good.

I'm making grunting noises as he bottoms out in me and I feel something building. I feel like I'm going to cum, but my device is keeping me from actually cumming. Instead, I'm having an orgasm. Cumming without ejacating.

"fuuuuccck meeeeeee..." I yell as he just keeps pounding my ass. It feels so good to be taken. I feel closer to what it must be like to be a woman. I have a man inside of me and he's on me, holding me by the hips and slapping my ass as he fucks me for his pleasure.

I can't stop begging him to fuck me and it's not until I can feel him pump his hot cum inside of me that I realize that you're holding my hand.

You've been let up and your mask is off. He pulls his cock from my ass and we kneel facing each other. "I love you," we say at the same time. As we kiss, our master clips our wrists together.

The door opening makes us glance over to see the three men leaving. Turning back to each other, we continue kissing. Suddenly his cock is there, sliding between our lips and we suck him together. We worship his cock as a team. He takes turns fucking our throats and making us gag. We suck and lick the thick foam we're leaving on his cock from each others mouths and tongues.

When he cums, he shoots thick ropy strands of cum into your mouth and we share it, spitting it back and forth between us.

When we finally finish playing with his cum, he's dressed and standing by the door.

He smiles at us, winks and leaves.
If you don't mind - are you really a cuck? Me - no. My wife does have one black she's serviced the past 5 years and the other night he invited a friend over to have her too but asked my permission first - so I guess that don't make me a cuck. We have a lot of respect for each other and talk before wandering into any new territory.
If you don't mind - are you really a cuck? Me - no. My wife does have one black she's serviced the past 5 years and the other night he invited a friend over to have her too but asked my permission first - so I guess that don't make me a cuck. We have a lot of respect for each other and talk before wandering into any new territory.
My wife and I have yet to play with a real BBC. It is something I am definitely more into than her. She likes how much I like it, if you know what I mean. For us, it's very much about me "giving" her to another man.
Good Luck. It's great that your wife likes you liking the idea. Do you know any blacks that you'd trust? Go for it - you'll love watching it happen and your wife will love getting that "something extra special".