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Selling herself


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View attachment 889194 Has any wife's are girlfriends ever sold their body's for cash,my girlfriend wants to start selling herself to cucks that know she fucks black men,especially after she has had a black cock cum inside her,I think she is onto something here
I'm trying! Selling my stuff on my site and guys like it! For the right offer, who knows?! X


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re: Selling Herself

I believe this would correctly be called PROSTITUTION, wouldn't it? Nothing wrong with it as far as I can see, other than it's illegal in most places ... but, it IS the oldest profession in the world. And its not like one gets to really choose their mates when they enter this profession ... a dollar is a dollar, and there are some pretty disgusting, nasty people out there. I'd hate for them to be slobbering over my body ... whewwww!
My ex wife did it by accident. It was a fun night. Fucked one BBC at his house, then went out looking for another. She hung around a hotel where one picked her up.

He assumed she was a hooker and when he got back to his room with her he pulled out a wad of cash and said how much? She grabbed it all and three it in her purse.

She never even counted it.
Going to visit Sheri's Ranch in Pahrump(legal brothel in NV) today for a job interview as a prostitute. I think the "house" requires a 2 week stay to begin employment. Not really sure but i'll find out today! Pretty exciting stuff for Me! I'll be sure to give an update in the future if you are interested! Wish Me luck!!!