Sean's Clubbing Pics: White girls in the club...

In Helsinki, Finland, Club Swagga provides a clubbing experience designed so that curious white girls can party in a nightclub’s exclusively attended by strong black men. As you can see from the pictures it’s a big success.



But even in other clubs through out the world where white bois like me are given a fair chance to compete, the pics in this thread show that hot white girls are making their preferences clear at house parties and in the clubs and bars every friday night.

The advances of more and more white bois are bitchilly put down by the prettiest girls who instead melt into the arms of a more desirable pick up - and the white bois are left in the corners of the clubs desperately trying to hide the fact that the display’s they’re witnessing on the dance floor is getting them off more than if they were the ones grinding with the hotties…


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