Running Late


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My husband and I used to have a little game we liked to play. He would get home at 5:00 every afternoon. On the days we were in the mood for a little fun, I would go out and meet some hottie, usually a black guy, and invite back to our place for a little fun. I would time it so we arrived with about 15 minutes to spare. We would begin kissing and touching and maybe removing a few clothes so that at 5:00 we would be very close to closing the deal. At 5:00 my husband would arrive and yell hello as he entered. I would pretend to panic and tell my hornier than hell stud that my husband came home early and he would have to sneak out the back way, which he would always do in a rush. My husband and I would then have hot sex as I told him everything my "friend" and I had done in the past few minutes. One afternoon we decided to do this and I met a very sexy guy and brought him back. Things heated up quickly and as 5:00 approached I waited for my husband's arrival. This particular day, he had car trouble and didn't arrive on cue. Things had reached a fever pitch by this time but I held him off as long as I could. When my husband didn't arrive I could no longer play this stud so I had to decide whether to just end it and send him on his way or carry on. When my husband arrived at 5:30 I had already been royally fucked and he got sloppy seconds, but I don't think he minded.