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    * This section/thread is for members to post their reviews, impressions, experiences with swinger/sex clubs across North America and the world.

    * Please include club name and location.

    * Reviews can be positive or negative, but be honest.

    * This is not intended to be an advertisement or endorsement of any club

    Some additional things to consider;

    * As always, let's be vigilant about keeping posts on topic. Inevitably, there will be posts from people about how they pick up partners in grocery stores etc, etc, but let's keep that out.

    * Of course, we will have to vigilant about the cuckold and gay element wanting to post about where they suck dick and have gay sex.

    * For the UK members, if they want to discuss "dogging" or dogging locations, that should be kept separate.

    * Let's also not allow discussions of adult book stores and adult theaters. Those places regularly get raided and I don't want our site associated in any way, shape, or form.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.