Reverse Cuckold Experience

One evening a few weeks back we were having a bit of a party with some neighbors who live next to us and a few other friends. We were all out in the back yard. The neighbor's wife, Connie, asked me to help her bring some things into their house and when we reached the kitchen she turned and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips which I immediately returned. As we listened to the voices of our spouses and friends outside I lifted her dress and slide deep inside her. It was a hasty but very sensual fuck which has left me craving more!


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Hubby here.
Yeah, should go both ways. When wife asked to go black a few years ago, I agreed on the condition I could date, too.
We do meet each other's lovers so it doesn't feel like cheating. I'm dating a super hot pilates instructor now; wife isn't dating. Makes for an interesting reverse cuckold (cuckquean?) scene.