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  1. Hello sexy ladies and couples with sexy ladies! Just some new pics. I have other posts so mainly doing pics on this one. I'm an "attached" black male, 36 years old, in shape, horny 24/7, ready to do damage to pretty lil white good girls & sluts ( GOOD DAMAGE!) Anyone in Raleigh, North Carolina or surrounding areas, get in contact with me. From my last experience I must say this: if you IM me on the messenger and I don't respond in a timely manner, do not get discouraged. My messenger is on 24/7 so I may be working( i do have a career that is very important) so leave a message and I guarantee I'll contact you back.

    yahoo messenger-choco4whitegirls69 or mrchocolate001


    Photo May 07, 12 37 29 PM.jpg

    Choco Pop.jpg

    Photo May 07, 12 13 08 PM.jpg classic curve.jpg

    Photo May 07, 11 57 23 AM.jpg

    Photo May 07, 12 36 29 PM.jpg Photo May 07, 12 35 01 PM.jpg Photo May 07, 12 10 41 PM.jpg Curved2.jpg

    Photo May 07, 12 33 55 PM.jpg
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